Monday, November 4, 2013

Searching for Balance

Finished all the straight line quilting on the tardis quilt--next is figuring out what design to fill it in with.

Over the past month I have become more and more frustrated at how long the sewing process takes.  Has it been slower than usual for me?  I don't think so.

The back--I like how it looks like a blue print.

My reality is that I have a 3.5 year old that doesn't nap and a 1.5 year old.  I decided to start running last month, which takes up a whole morning of my time two or three times a week.  How is it that a 20 minute run takes 3 hours??  Pack snacks, bundle up the kids, buckle them into a double stroller, stretch, run for 20 minutes, play at a park for an hour, walk and/or run home, make another snack, shower, lunch, nap/quiet time.  Three plus hours to run 2 miles.  I also decided to limit eating out and focus on making homemade foods again--something that has been hard to get back into since moving in July.  I'm quite happy to say that I made my goal of only going out to dinner once a week for the whole month!  And my freezer is full of dinners for the future.

A practice quilt using water soluble stabilizer (pellon 541) that I traced a design onto--it says Renee Hoffman in Gallifreyan (language from Dr Who).

It is amazing how much time adding exercise and making food from scratch takes up.  We didn't visit with friends at all until Halloween!

Another one with my friend Andrea's first and last name.

I guess I did have a productive month in sewing--I made two super totes (an orange one and a purple one), a small wall hanging and got a fair amount done on the starry night quilt.  So I think my frustration just comes from comparing my productivity and abilities to others, and having completely unrealistic expectations of myself.

Done with the quilting, trimmed off most of the stabilizer.

And it comes from spending too much time on the blogosphere--instead of focusing on what I'm doing, and enjoying the process, I am reading, commenting, and writing blogs.  I really like having a blog, sharing what I am doing with the community and being involved in the community.  But I've gotten too involved with too many blogs, linkys, and other projects that really are starting to take a toll on the enjoyment and the process.  And yet feeling left out of all the things I'm not doing, groups I'm not in.

Almost done with this one.  Need new machingers.

Basically, I have blogger burnout and need to take a step back.  I need to focus on getting the tardis and starry night quilts done, and I need to focus on finding a new balance.  I'll be around still, just not as active.

Where the starry night quilt has been since being basted.


  1. Your quilt is going to be so fantastic! I'm sure a lot of people share your feelings about trying to fit in creativity round family life or other commitments, and about wanting to have a balance where you can share and engage with other people without it chipping away at your time. I'm amazed you manage to get such a lot done with such small children, and I'm certainly not going to unsubscribe if you're in the blogosphere less often:-)

  2. When I had young children and felt pulled in many directions, the way I tamed my anxiety about "doing it all" was to think of life as a timeline. If I lived until 80, then I had plenty of time, and if I died tomorrow, it wasn't getting done anyway!

    Now I am 67 and I still need to remind myself to enjoy the journey and not get too anxious about getting things finished. Each project has its own timeline and the more I hurry it, the less satisfied I become with the anxiety I create within myself.

  3. I know how you are feeling. The same thing happened to me a couple of month ago :)

  4. I know what you mean. I've been trying to step back lately. We'll always be here!

  5. Your amazing at everything you do! I know that quilting for me is done when my daughter is sleeping just because she wants to "help"! Good for you for taking up exercise and cooking homemade food.

  6. I so hear you. Not only do I never get as much done as I want, everything takes longer than estimated. Everything. Always. I wish I could churn out things like other folks do, but I just try to remember I'm me and I have tons of obligations and other interests, including the occasional sit on the couch and do nothing afternoon. It's worth it though - the time put in always shows in your work. :)

    Congrats on running - it can be very consuming because there is so much around it. Changing clothes = Extra laundry. :)

  7. It's amazing how much longer everything takes when there's littles involved! I had to go to the post office last week and it took us 2 hours! By the time everyone gets dressed and into the stroller and Sammy has to go back inside to pee then get geared up again, then he wants to walk... our post office is a fifteen minute walk from home at the most!
    Your Tardis is looking fantastic, can't wait to see what you have planned for it next! And while i don't watch Dr. Who or even know what Gallifreyan was until this very moment, the little mini's with your name and your friends are so cool!
    I totally get the not being on the blog as often, take all the time, i'll still be here :)
    But know that if your gone too long i will start emailing you again ;)

  8. How did you find out how to spell her name in Galifreyan??? I love Dr. Who and I love all the stuff you have made. I am really disappointed that you can;t get the tardis at spoonflower anymore...