Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More TARDIS quilting

Y'all are probably still pretty busy entering the HUNDREDS of giveaways over on SewMamaSew.com (oh man am I sick of entering giveaways, haha--but hopefully I win something this time, right?!), so I am going to keep this pretty short and sweet.

Last time I showed everyone my paper pieced TARDIS block:

Just after trimming the edges.

After a little bit of work it looks like this:

Quilted on the "Police Box" using press n seal (see my post here for details) and used a sharpie to draw on the window lines.  I quilted in the ditch with two layers of batting for extra depth.

Today the quilt is finally trimmed and ready to be bound!  I even made different colored binding for hills and the sky.

Never before has my binding looked so nice before putting on a quilt! 

Now I'm just waiting on some motivation to do it, a decision on whether or not to machine or hand finish the binding, and what to write on a quilt label (which I like to have stitched down with the binding).

PS My giveaway is open until Friday evening, go enter, it's an easy one!  Also, how the heck are so many people giving away such awesome prizes?  No way am I about to part with my top-shelf fabrics--I have plans for those!!


  1. This is amazing! The letters and the quilting came out great!

  2. Love this!!! I have a friend who loves Doctor Who and I keep playing around with the idea of a Tardis quilt for her - someday :)

  3. I love your lettering and the light looks great. I had a tough time aliging everything exactly when I made this block - your's looks perfect!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this! Plan to make a pillow with this for my niece. Just fabulous!

  5. Fantastic. I know a few fans who would love this

  6. Very cool! Good call on doubling up the batting!

  7. the blocks look good so far. can't wait to see the whole thing!

  8. This looks great. Also, you actually did win something. So, there you go. :)

  9. So awesome! I can't wait to see the finished quilt.