Saturday, December 7, 2013

Paper Pieced TARDIS

After my two day marathon of quilting on my starry night quilt, my body was exhausted and sore...and needed a whole day to recover.  While waiting for motivation to strike again, I did a bunch of research on TARDIS (again) and finally chose fabrics to make a mini TARDIS to applique onto the Starry Night quilt.

Some of you may not know, or have forgotten, that my Starry Night quilt is actually another Dr Who quilt.  In one of the episodes, the Doctor goes to visit van Gogh and ends up inspiring some of his paintings.  Well, my quilt is inspired by some fan art implying that van Gogh painted the TARDIS in his Starry Night painting.  

Anyway, I chose this TARDIS paper piece pattern because it includes the light.  I intentionally did not make the block the full size because I plan to trim it pretty close to the TARDIS to applique it most of the background will be waste.  

I used scraps from the Starry Night quilt for the background fabric, and wish I hadn't used the polkadots...but oh well.  My inner Dr Who nerd says it's not complete until it says "POLICE public call BOX" on it (and window panes, but those should be simple).  I wanted to use a white fabric pen, but decided after my last issues with white fabric pens that it was worth just trying to quilt the letters on.

So, without any water soluble stabilizer (still), I decided to use Press 'n Seal again.  

Finally found a picture with the right angles, printed it, taped it to a window and then traced the letters onto the Press n Seal (the outlined letters). I think I will quilt those letters onto the TARDIS block, and then quilt the rest of it...and finally put it on the Starry Night quilt.


  1. Ohhh, I see now (this is in reference to my IG comment). LOVE!! That Tardis is going to totally bring the whole quilt together!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing it all together.