Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Aspen Mini

I finished this yesterday morning, so I'm including it in my 2013 Quilts...but got distracted and forgot to post about it last night.   This quilt is made for Daniel Frazier--he's a photographer out of Orange County, CA, and took our family portraits this year (including my new profile photo and many other awesome ones).

It measures about 17" x 18" after washing and blocking it.
 He's also a friend of my brother's--they served in the Marines together, and he went above and beyond to connect with the kids and get us some amazing California beach photos while we were there on vacation.  When I found out he was getting married in December, I decided to make him a little wedding/thank you gift.

 While the design for these is all my own, they were inspired by other tree quilts I've found via pinterest (especially this one).  But before I even saw the ones on pinterest I made this aspen quilt in 2010:

35" x 45" wallhanging

I did a few things differently this time.  I made the lines and knots a little different, and started with a light tan thread and then added several lines of black.  I think it adds a nice texture to it.

An eco-friendly way to engrave a special something into a tree ;-)

I used various fabrics from my stash--unknown white and tan (on the back), and Kona Charcoal for the binding.  I used Connecting Threads tan thread, which my machine does not like (I've tried several colors in the past couple of months and fight with it every time), and Superior So Fine in black on the rest.

You can see my other tree quilts here.

As soon as I was finished with that tree quilt I started on the next one I've been cookin' up for the past several months.  This is my F.C. quilt, aka my profanity quilt...The name will become apparent once I get to the quilting stage.

So far using Kona Ash and various aqua/teal scraps.

Even in these beginning stages it has changed and shifted quite a bit...I guess I am just "letting the spirit lead me" on it.  :-)


  1. So, do you just FMQ the tree knots and trees? I've always wanted to try that. You did a beautiful, beautiful job. Also, curious about this next quilt... :) I'll respond to your email tonight or tomorrow!

  2. F and C are apt initials for a profanity quilt - harsh, but apt.

    The initials and heart carved into a tree trunk is such a cute idea for a wedding gift. What size is it? Have you considered colouring the tree trunks and/or background, either with dyes or fabric markers?

  3. This is a really cute and clever quilt. I bet they will love it! I hate it when you have to hold off because you ran out of a certain fabric...annoying!

  4. Very nice! I love your new profile pic too.