Saturday, February 22, 2014

Super Tote #4

You can see my previous Super Totes here, here and here.

This one was made for a friend that was in search of a new diaper bag last summer.  I thought I could have it finished by November, but I seriously underestimated how long all my other projects would take, plus I took on a bunch of new projects.  Well, I put it on my to-do list for February and ta-da, it's done (finally)!

The front pocket is fully lined and quilted, and I added a small slip pocket inside:

I made a few things differently than the previous ones, and a few things different from than the pattern:

I added a zipper-pocket-divider (by request)--next time I think I'll make it about 2 inches narrower and/or stiffer.  I used this tutorial to make it, but used the Super Tote pattern pieces as a guide for size and shape.

On the small side of the divider I put in slip pockets instead of the gathered pockets.

I put in a recessed zipper for the first time!  Was not thrilled with the instructions for this part (the rest of the Super Tote pattern is great though).

What I love about this recessed zipper is how it folds in flat against the sides of the bag when it's fully open--it's out of the way and the bag can open super big still.

The inside fabrics are from various hand me down fabrics.  The purple side is because that's her favorite color, and the other side is 10th Doctor inspired (they're Dr Who fans, in case that's not obvious, haha)--it does look a little like his suit and coat, right?

The navy nature print is a decor weight from IKEA--Love how it works for this size bag!  The other exterior fabric is Natural Essex, Linen by Robert Kaufman--which I love the look of, but worry how quickly it will become dirty and look dingy.  I don't think I'll use that light of a fabric again on a bag like this.  Also, it was difficult to make interfacing stick to it (I don't generally prewash).  But it's so handsome, isn't it!

Phone photo of the back, before the bag was all put together.

Hurray for another project off the To-Do list!!  

Label from TagsToGo on etsy.


  1. It's gorgeous! You did such a beautiful job! It TOTALLY looks 10-ish :D

  2. Loving the purple lining. Very nice finishes!

  3. What a sweet bag! Love the recessed zipper. And your fabric choices are gorgeous!

  4. It all looks great, but I particularly like the outline quilting that accentuates the details on the print you used. Stylish and practical!

  5. Fantastic as always! Love the recessed zip and that Ikea print is awesome! And i really like how you paired it with the Essex Linen, they work perfectly together!

  6. Beautiful tote. I've made 4 of these as well. It's nice to know how I want to customize things with each bag. Finding out what interfacing and fabric weight I like best has been a big help. I also did away with the gathered pockets after my first tote. I love that as an option, but I like slip pockets for my needs. Your addition of the interior zip pocket is a great idea. I will have to try that out. For the recessed zipper, her instructions are not 100% clear and the picture is confusing. As long as we find what works, I guess that's all that matters.