Thursday, June 19, 2014

Geranium Dress II

A special little girl turned 7 recently, so I made her a Geranium Dress (see the first one I made here).

Everyone says it looks like a watermelon!  I wish I had put ladybug fabric lining in.

 She's a tall, skinny girl, so I had her mom measure her, and she fit in the 4T bodice, but I went with the 5T skirt plus an inch.    

I hope it fits her (with a little room to grow!) and that she loves it!  I hope it is worn and washed often :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pink Star Progress

 I've been working on the pink star quilt and making pretty good progress!  Though I had hoped to be done with the top by tomorrow.

Taken by my 4 year old son, hence the facial expression.

 I had to work out some kinks in making the corner pink ribbons (using this tutorial by Missouri Quilt Co), and that took a couple of days longer than I expected (due to having more cherries to deal with).

A 60" star, designed to lay on top of a queen bed without hanging over.

For the ribbons, I left off the final border and then figured out how to put them on point, but it ended up 3" too small, and thanks to some IG (I'm @quiltsnfeathers) suggestions I decided to just add sashing to the borders to get them up to the 15.5" blocks I need:

One down, three to go!

This evening everything was going great, until that last piece (laying on the quilt), which I did measure twice, ended up about 3/8" too short and I don't have enough Kona Oyster to just recut.

 So I'm leaving that for the morning, because I am bummed I will need to scab in a small piece to get it to the right size!

What do you do when you've cut something too short and don't have enough to recut the whole piece?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cherries and a new quilt project!

Wow, I have been away for two weeks?!  That was not intentional!  I managed to get sicker after my last post, more house guests, and then our cherry trees nearly exploded with cherries.  I spent a solid week picking, stemming, pitting, freezing, cooking, and canning them.  We also gave away a bunch, and there are still more out on the tree.  I canned a total of 100(!!) jars of jam, marmalade, liqueur and pie filling:

My instagram followers (@quiltsnfeathers) have seen nothing but cherry posts for more than a week, ha.

But no more!  I'm done.  DONE.  And finally my order showed up and I will be quite busy working on a quilt again!  This one is a commissioned quilt for a friend of my dad's--she's a breast cancer survivor and wants to celebrate and reward herself with a beautiful pink quilt:

All from  They have a nice selection of pink ribbon fabrics.

She chose a big star pattern and that center pink/white fabric, I chose the rest of the pinks, the Kona Oyster background and the grey Sketch for the back.  I'm not a pink person, but I'm pretty excited about this quilt!