Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Finally working on my QuiltCon Michael Miller fabric challenge!  I am so not a fan of pastels, so it is definitely a challenge for me.  Every time I cut something out and put it on my design wall I'm like, "yuck".  My husband has been really encouraging though, and everyone on IG (@quiltsnfeathers) are like my cheerleaders to keep going!

Transfered my design to the back of some wrapping paper, then paper pieced those geese.  The stuff above the geese is ready for foundation piecing using freezer paper.

Also made the center of a Museum Medallion, machine pieced prototype (it is a hand-piecing pattern that I will eventually review here).  It turned out nice enough to turn into a mini quilt for the #igminiswap, so I will quilt it up some time next month...

November is SO crazy busy for me, I doubt I will be blogging much.  If you're on IG, you can follow me there to see lots of progress photos!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Big Pink Star

Giant Pink Star quilt

This is my entry for the Blogger's Quilt Festival Home Machine Quilted Category!

Quilting detail

I made this quilt for a client in celebration of beating breast cancer.  She requested a big pink star and some small pink ribbons and let me have creative license over the rest.

Quilted feather filling a triangle space.

I was drawn to encircling the star, and then added the big feathers--each feather is 18" inches long!

Large double quilted feathers.

The star is quilted with big peacock style and the surrounding feathers are big billowy type.

Quilted peacock feather detail.

I added a circle around each ribbon and filled it with pebbles so the ribbon would pop out.

Quilted pink ribbon 1.

Quilted pink ribbon 2.
Back of pink ribbons.

 For the rest of the quilt I quilted a dense loop-di-loop.  It was very time consuming! But I love the glowing effect it gave the quilt and how it gives the quilts a dusty pink feel.

All over quilted loops!

Back of quilt.

Quilt Stats:
Size: 83" x 88"
Quilted by me on a Janome 6300
Thread: Aurifil Blossom Pink (#2530)
Fabric: Kona Oyster, various pinks from and Sketch Widescreen on the back.

This quilt just glows with all that beautiful Aurifil thread!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Flying North mini quilt

21" x 22" mini quilt

I made this mini quilt for a swap with Afton from Quilting Mod (go check out the quilt she made me!).  I met her through her blog first, and soon after met her at a New Mexico Quilter's Association meeting, and then the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild.  So she's my first real life quilt-blogger friend!

Compass detail, I used Green Fairy's tutorial to make it.

We decided to swap quilts back in May, I think...and then kept pushing it back until finally we swapped them at the beginning of this month.  I'm glad we were equally busy and every delay was mutually agreed on!  We didn't discuss likes/dislikes at all, but agreed the quilts should be between 12"and 24".

Two layers of batting under those geese!

I really wanted to create something original, with lots of negative space for fun quilting.  And geese have been calling to me lately, so they had to be included.  I finally settled on this photo as inspiration.  Basically I just liked the shape of the steps leading up to the round, open sky.

Quilting detail on front.

I used Aurifil #2605 for most of the quilting.  For the compass and around the geese I used #2600.  I used #2024 for around the compass.  My sewing machine (a Janome 6300) big-puffy heart loves Aurifil!

Compass quilting detail.

I used Kona Oyster for the front and Kona Charcoal for the back. The fabric in the geese range from Cotton and Steel to Tula Pink and from Carolyn Friedlander to batiks.  The binding is Foliage in Teal from Carolyn Freidlander's Botanics line.

Binding and quilting detail.


I used Quilter's Dream wool batting (which I got for a good deal from Massdrop!) and added a second layer of batting to the geese using a trapunto method.

Quilting detail on back.

Thankfully Afton loves this quilt as much as I do! It's always good to know your quilts are going to a good, loving home!  :-)

Label from TagsToGo on etsy.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Laura's Traveling Quilt

This is the third quilt I've had the joy of working on in this Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts group.  This one is Laura's from Little and Lots, and when I got it it looked like this:

Jessica from Quilty Habit worked on it before sending it to me.

The very first thing I decided to do was add another line from the full quote:

“Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.”

2.5" tall "Life is not a series of gig lamps"

I used the free color word patterns (rearranged a bit) from the Quilt Talk blog tour.  I really enjoyed making these words!  Then I decided to add a series of little stars to use as spaces between the words.

Those stars are a good stand in for gig lamps, right?

The next thing I decided to make was a New York Beauty block--I was pretty much looking for an excuse to use the pattern I'd just purchased from Better Off Thread.

New York Beauty block in progress.

It was a really fun block to make for this quilt because it is not the first color palette or color use I'd pick.  But I loved the idea of the geese to be a golden halo around the bright colors in the center.

And then as I was starting to piece all the blocks together I realized there was a space that an Anna Maria Horner feather would fit perfectly, so I made one of those too:

AMH Feather using colors from the rest of the quilt.

I pieced together almost all the blocks and will send this on to Ashley at Wasn't Quilt in a Day to add some more and finish the quilt top before sending it back to Laura!

'Luminous' is unattached, but everything else to pieced together. 

Here's a close up of the finished blocks I made:

Next time I make a New York Beauty it will be for me :-)

I made another wonky cross following Jessica's lead.

The next traveling quilt I get from this group will by MINE!  So excited to get it back!  I have so loved working on all these quilts and getting to know the other ladies better!  I can't wait to see all the quilts finished.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Raven Feathers mini quilt

Raven Feathers mini quilt, 15.5" square.

This is another (long overdue) pay it forward gift, this time for my brother!  And thankfully it is the last pay it forward gift on my list!  I really liked the idea of a pay it forward--so last year I signed up for two.  I signed up expecting to get some surprise item from two different people, while agreeing to "pay it forward" to a total of 6 people that signed up for mine. 

Quilting and feather detail.

I never recieved anything from the PIFs I signed up for.  But I kept the PIF going anyway.  

I had this fun idea to make a feather using black-on-black prints, so it would have some texture, but still look like a raven or crow feather.  I was only able to find 3 black-on-black fabrics at my LQS, so I decided black with grey prints would be okay.

I used the Forest quilt along feathers pattern by Shape Moth.  The green fabric is a crossweave scrap I got in a scrap pack, and the black border is Kona black.  Sorry I don't remember what the backing is!

I used Aurifil #1147 for the green swirls and Superior Thread So Fine in black for the border feathers.  

Have you ever signed up for a pay it forward?  Did you get something out of it, and did you remember to send something to the people that signed up for yours?

Label from TagsToGo on etsy.