Monday, December 1, 2014

C+S AMH Feather table runner

Feather Table runner, measures about 8" x 44"

Today I have this lovely table runner to share with you!  It was a birthday swap gift for Mara of Simon Says Sew.  She had mentioned table runners, feathers (which of course I am happy to oblige) and loving Cotton and Steel fabrics.  So I finally opened some of my bundles and used the Anna Maria Horner feather pattern again.

Pink C+S AMH feather.

Blue C+S AMH feather.

I made this last month in between working on a pastel quilt (I hate pastels, it turns out) and so loved have a bright, cheery quilt to work on!  It helped refresh my quilting soul.  The quilting was a fun exercise of just going with the flow, which inevitably includes some bugs:

FMQ snail #1

FMQ snail #2

FMQ butterfly (wish I had echo quilted it).

I quilted it using Aurifil Blossom Pink (#2530).  I love how the quilting adds so much character to the quilt!  I use Aurifil grey #2605 in the bobbin.

FMQ spiral with pebbles.

Lots of FMQ feathers and variations.

I used some C+S polka dots for the backing.

This was my first time making a table runner and really didn't know what size it should I let the feathers dictate the size--it finished around 8" x 44".  Makes me look forward to someday having tables clean enough to decorate with a pretty runner!

Are you a table runner person?  What size do you like them to be?

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  1. I love the detail that you put into your quilting, Renee! I am not a table runner person, and I would have the same question as you: what size should it be? I like how the feathers dictated the size, and I think the next to last photo here is really interesting: with the blue feather the quilting looks more purple-y to me than next to the pink feather. How fun!

  2. I make table runners and the size really depends on the table it will be used on. I just made a longer ones for the holidays when we put BOTH leaves in the table to seat 10. But I've also made runners that were 36". ( 3 12" blocks)

  3. This is gorgeous! Love the quilting, as usual. Love the feathers...I still need to give those a try. Nicely done!

  4. Uhhh this is just amazing! I love the pink on gray (usually I'm not much one for contrasting thread but your pieces are the exception). Lucky swap partner!! Also, I just guess and check with my table and go from there :) Not really foolproof but there you go.

  5. I love this so much! The colors, fabrics, and those gorgeous feathers they just all work so well together. <3

  6. What a fabulous runner! Well done

  7. You really had fun with the quilting, didn't you! I love the snail. Very Gaudi (he put snails on a cathedral).
    I don't much care for pastels either. A few are great rest for the eyes, but a whole project of pale needs some oomph adding.

  8. the feathers are great but what fabulous quilting!!! :) well done! thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  9. Beautiful work! wishing I was THAT Mara, lol, lucky girl!

  10. I love that you said you're waiting to have tables that are clean enough to use runners on! Me too...between art projects, homework, snack time, actual meals and my sewing time, our table is pretty much always in use. I love the quilting on this runner, especially with the pink thread!