Thursday, December 11, 2014

#IGminiswap Medallion Mini

This was my first year of swaps, and has honestly been a mixed bag.  As a whole I'd say the negatives out weighed the positives to the point that I've sworn off group swaps (more on that another day).  The last swap I signed up for before coming to this conclusion was the #igminiswap on Instagram.  Here's the quilt I made:

Museum Medallion center medallion mini, measures about 21" square.

 I actually started this quilt as a prototype for the bigger version I'm working on (see more of that quilt here).  I wanted to make sure I could successfully machine piece those petal pieces, and also experimented with various methods, including recreating the petal pattern in two pieces so I'd only be piecing half the curve (I decided it was just as easy and looked better to do the full curve).

Quilting detail.  The orange petal on the far left I made in two pieces.

If you're considering this pattern and want to do it by machine, my best tip for the petals is sew from the edges to the center.  Both of the petal borders I've made had serious warping issues (ruffles?  waves?) and needed a lot of ripping and taking in the seams connecting the petals.  Hopefully others don't have that issue, but I've seen it on other's museum medallions, so I don't think it was just me.

Quilting detail.

I used mostly scraps--cutting into yardage only when my scraps lacked the correct color. It turned out nice enough that I decided the prototype was worthy of becoming a mini quilt.

Quilt back.

On the back I used scraps from the Giant Pink Star quilt and some Tula Pink scraps from the Saltwater Triangle quilt I made a couple of years ago.

Little pink wonky stars.

Museum Medallion mini quilt

 I quilted it using Aurifil #2605.  I really like how it adds interest in the solid grey areas, yet disappears in the light grey, leaving only texture. 

My partner has received the quilt and raved over it, so I'm glad it has gone to a well loving home :-)

Sunlit quilt back.  


  1. I too have decided to take a break from swaps, though my experience was not nearly as bad as yours from what I've heard. But this turned out really stunning, Renee!!! I hope the one you received was even half as nice. :D

  2. Well now you have me curious - I want to know more about your "bad" experiences! This mini is beautiful, by the way!

  3. So glad this quilt was raved over, Renee - it's totally swoon worthy! The color order is perfection, and the extra detail piecing on the back is just icing on the cake. :)

  4. Love your mini and I'm sure the recipient loved it as you said. I hope the one you received is as nice. Like you I have mixed experiences with swaps -love putting the effort in to make something that I would like to receive, but have been disappointed more than once with what has arrived in my mailbox. Have been part of a Bee consisting of 12 ladies for 2 years and this has been great-2015 is a new group of ladies and looking forward to that. Interested to hear your experiences.

  5. What a stunning mini and what a lucky partner you have. I'm not one bit surprised that your partner raved about your quilt, I defintiely would if I was to receive it. Swaps can be so hit and miss. In general I love to swap but I've come to the conclusion that smaller and more intimate swap groups are the way to go. Most of my negative swap expeirences have generally been in the larger "super" swap groups so I will definitely be avoiding those in the future and concentrating on the the smaller groups I know work so well for me.

  6. Of course your partner loved it! It is gorgeous!
    I enjoy swaps, but I find they take time away from other projects that I really should be focussing on. I am experimenting with bees and round robins now!

  7. What a stunning mini quilt! It must have taken forever to do all the circular quilting on the background. It really makes the center pop. Love those curly-cues in the center grays. It's sad that someone who clearly works so hard has had more bad than good experience in swapping. Your feather quilt that you posted about a little while ago is amazing, though. I would love to be in a Round Robin with a group of quality workers. It seems so fun when people share results!!

  8. I love the front and the quilting. But I adore those teeny tiny stars on the back too! Very nice work. I am sure your partner will adore it too!

  9. You are so darn cool. Those stars are perfection! Lucky partner!!

  10. Wow, wow, wow! Renee, it is gorgeous! I'll bet your partner raved! Love the quilting you did -- so beautiful!

  11. This is stunning! I love your quilting, and the back is delightful! Linda

  12. I'm so sorry you have had such a bad experience with swaps. I think I have been lucky so far, but it is such a gamble. I was attracted to the IG miniquiltswap because of being able to state what level of experience you have. But from what I can tell my seeing who is getting what quilt, people rate themselves very differently on the scale, and so in the end it was another random swap!

  13. Wow! The back is just as beautiful as the front!