Friday, January 23, 2015

Butterfly Mini Quilt III

Here's the newest rendition of the my butterfly quilt!  You can see the first one here and the second one here.

Butterfly mini quilt, measures about 20" x 16.5".

I made this little quilt as an angel mini for the IG mini swap--though whether or not it will be needed after all is up in the air.  If it's not needed I have a couple of other ideas of what to do with it.

Butterfly quilt back.

I used Aurifil 40wt for the first time, it quilted beautifully!  I used medium blue-grey (#1310) and grey-blue (#5007).  I used 50wt #2605 in the bobbin and didn't have any issues with the tension or needle.  My sewing machine loves Aurifil!

Butterfly quote reads: "Just when the caterpiller thought the world was over it became a butterfly."  I quilted this part the day my grandma died, and it seemed rather connected...though I was obviously distracted (typos).

The butterfly is made mostly out of bright, modern scraps I have.  It's always fun to use scraps in new ways!

Butterfly detail.  The wings are made using a dresden template.

Quilt stats:
Size: 20" x 16.5"
Front: RJR cotton supreme solids in Burlap
Backing: Kona Cornflower
Binding: Kona Navy
Thread: Aurifil 40wt on the front and 50wt on the back.
Batting: Warm and Natural

Sunlit butterfly mini quilt.


  1. That quilting came out PERFECT. I absolutely love it. You can send it on over here... ;) Also, I love how you wrote out the quote!

  2. A beautiful work of art~be proud, be happy :)

  3. Weird to be requested as an angel and then have it not be needed. Your quilting is wonderful - it makes me think of gentle breezes on warm summer days (and not the gale force winds we tend to have out here).

  4. What a beautiful little jewel of a quilt! Love the quilting :)

  5. You are one of those quilters whose work shows how much you love quilting itself, so it's really fun to see what you're creating. I am still a piecer first and a quilter ... when I have to. But your projects are inspiring me to persevere on the FMQ front. : )

  6. The quilting you chose for around the butterfly is perfect. It adds so much movement without taking the focus away from the butterfly.

  7. It is beautiful! I always admire your quilting.

  8. This is just so darn beautiful! Your quilting really makes it! Love the sentimental touch too.

  9. So GREAT!!! I love auriful, too. It's amazing what a difference a good thread makes, isn't it :)XX!

  10. I the feathers flowing from the butterfly, what great motion it gives. Incredible quilting on this little beauty.

  11. For fun, I put images of all three of your butterfly quilts up on my large screens at once and admired. I cannot chose a favourite.
    With a few stitches, the e could become an a and the missing comma added and no one would notice. (Heck, I bet no one notices now unless you tell them. I only notice as it is my job to!) Did your gran inspire the beautiful quote?

  12. Wow - this is really nice! The quilting is just perfect. Great finish.

  13. First, if you had not mentioned it, I never would have noticed the spelling error. . . I had to look several times. I don't think I am that unusual ;) I agree, it wouldn't take but a couple of stitches to turn that e into an a :)

    Such a beautiful little quilt! Your quilting is wonderful, as usual :)

  14. I never thought to connect my words that way! You are so so clever!! As usual, you've made another gorgeous quilt!!