Thursday, January 15, 2015


My latest TARDIS quilt is finished!  The weather has been quite gloomy and soggy lately, so I'm afraid these photos are not the best.  If you'd like to see more photos of my TARDIS quilts, you can see my first one here and my second one here.  On with the show!

A fancy TARDIS quilt!

The front is a cheater panel (which means the tardis and stars are printed on the fabric--I didn't piece those together) I bought from Spoonflower. I had this one printed on the Basic Cotton Ultra, which is said to have better washability and color brightness (the one I had printed on the Kona cotton faded terribly in the first two washes).  You have to sign up as a beta tester, but it is definitely worth it as the fabric held up to washing much better (I prewashed the fabric and washed the quilt when it was done and it still looked great).

TARDIS quilt detail.

I quilted the TARDIS using Aurifil #2740 (dark cobalt) and #2605 (grey) in the bobbin so the quilting would show up nicely on the Kona Navy backing:

TARDIS quilt back detail.

In the grey areas and around the lettering I used Superior So Fine #411 (black):

TARDIS quilt sign detail.

I used one layer of Warm and Natural batting and Kona Charcoal for the binding.

TARDIS quilt custom Gallifreyan panel.
TARDIS quilt other panels quilted with wood grain.

It finished at about 39" x 68" I think--I forgot to measure it after the first wash.

TARDIS quilt back.

Hurray for my first finish of 2015!


  1. Congratulations on your first finish of the year - hurray! It looks great, but I really love the woodgrain quilting you did. I am also immensely impressed with your feathers - they looks so neat tidy, and even.

  2. Bravo!! I love all the woodgrain. It's perfect. :) And the squares look great!

  3. Such gorgeous quilting! Good to know about the Basic Cotton Ultra!

  4. I truly do not believe it would be possible to do a quilt of the Tardis that is better than this one. You have reached the pinnacle. Seriously, this is so great! Your detailed quilting is just wonderful! Especially the Galifreyan, of course. (I hope I spelled that right.) but the stars, the wood grain, all of it, is just amazing. You definitely are "Best Quilt Ever" for me! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  5. This is so awesome! I love the texture from your quilting. I just want to pet it. Fabulous job, as usual!

  6. I love it. The woodgrain definately adds to it. There's only on thing missing, I'll give you a hint - I feel free to blink at this one :)

  7. Your quilting is simply stunning, Renee! I especially love how you quilted the background around the stars. They just pop! Congrats on a fabulous finish! Way to start the new year!

  8. Absolutely one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Wonderful details that I could spend hours looking at. Pat on the back for you, it's gorgeous!

  9. Every time I see this quilt, I smile! So beautiful and amazing!

  10. Now that's how you start the new year! It looks stunning Renee!
    Your quilting will forever amaze me :)

  11. Wow that is amazing! Your quilting is fantastic :)

  12. You deliberately do quilting so it shows up. I try to hide mine with similar-coloured thread to conceal the errors!

  13. It's beautiful! I love that you chose a thread that would show well on the back. It makes the back just as stunning as the front (or maybe even more stunning!).

  14. It's wonderful- and that galifreyan quilting takes it to the next level!

  15. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! SO Deelish!!!
    I am so sorry to hear that the Kona panel faded. What a surprise!! Glad to know you found a good alternative. XX!

  16. This quilt is stunning! What a piece of art. I have no clue what Galifreyan really is (I assume some dead language) but it definitely adds an interesting level to the quilt. Your colors are beautiful.

  17. I LOVE this! How do you sign up to get the basic cotton ultra? All I can find is cotton lawn ultra, is it the same thing? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! You have to sign up to be a beta tester, but I couldn't find any open links for it--maybe it is closed? You could try google searching how to become a tester and find a good link, maybe. Another option is getting the panel printed on the Cotton Lawn Ultra, which Spoonflower claims has the ultra-color technology and washability: Hope that helps!