Monday, January 19, 2015

What's Your QuiltCon Alter Ego?

My friend Yvonne from Quilting Jet Girl and I had a conversation via email last month and somehow came up with the idea that we should dress up as our quilting alter egos (aka Quiltcon Cosplay) at Quiltcon!  To me this means some kind of embodiment of my blog name.  Although I guess this could also take on some other forms!

What is YOUR QuiltCon Alter-Ego?

As our discussion of this idea progressed it somehow turned into me being a quilting monster (not unlike Animal from the Muppets, but with a sewing machine!).  So here is my game plan--I bought a red jacket and feathers.  I plan to attach the feathers somehow, and add lots of long threads and/or strips of fabric.  And a feather headband or something.

Quilts of a Feather costume supplies!

So, will you be going to QuiltCon?  We would love it if you dressed up too!  We are planning to wear our costumes to the Thursday evening Moda Party and again on Saturday, and I hope you will join us for the fun!  You can also checkout these hashtags on IG for more inspiration:  #QuiltConAlterEgo and #QuiltConCosplay

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  1. Yes! Seeing your supplies has me so excited!! My pilot friend has a couple of flight suits he is going to drop off with me to try out this week: a blue NASA flight suit and a tan flight suit. He's also loaning me a blue NASA flight jacket. I am so nerding out. I think I'll dig around in my patch kit for some cool NASA and Scaled patches. I wasn't going to include any real flight test patches in my outfit, but now I am considering it again. Anyway, I am getting so excited, especially seeing all the awesome sewing that people are doing to make cute outfits for QuiltCon.

  2. After seeing your red jacket and the feathers, all I can think of is the Big Bird at Sesame Street- only a red one LOLLL This is making me laugh OMG! It will be soo much fun! I am so happy for you and Yvonne that you will have fantastic time there! Soak the fun in! Also, thank you for linking up with me for Monday Makers!

  3. I would love to be there and join in the fun! I was so excited to see QuiltCon will be coming to the East coast - I will be there! You girls will have a blast - please share lots of pics!! :) Thanks for linking up to MCM!

  4. I hope you take plenty of pictures :)

  5. Looks like fun! I really need to get on my costume. But I have so many other things to get on, too!! A few deadlines to meet, QuiltCon workshops to make blocks for... but I still hope to come up with some kind of a costume! Worst case, I'll come in my jammies and buy some cute slippers or something! LOL Not as elegant as I was hoping, but it still depicts a night quilter! Can't wait to meet you both at QuiltCon!

  6. Animal of the Muppets was very cool. I think he was the predecessor of Hodor (only one word in his vocab).
    I won't be at QuiltCon, but I have already planned my outfit with Yvonne - a little, elderly English lady, like my great granny, wearing tweed and sensible shoes, and trailing yarn, thread, lace oddments. Maybe a toy cat in place of a parrot on my shoulder. Please take photos!