Friday, February 27, 2015

New York Beauty Mini Quilt

New York Beauty mini quilt, measures about 34"x 18 (I forgot to write down the final measurement!)?

I'm so happy I get to finally share this quilt with you guys!  I made it for a swap with Jess from Elven Garden.  Last year's group swaps were so hit and miss for me and generally just stressful.  But I still wanted to cover the walls in my sewing room with mini quilts from other quilters!  So I decided instead of crossing my fingers that I got a good partner I should just approach the people I actually would love to have mini quilts from about doing a swap.

Quilting detail--threads are Aurifil #4241 (very dark grey) and #2605 (grey), fabric is Kona Black.

I've been a dedicated follower of Jess since the beginning of her Full Moon Lagoon quilt--I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous FMQ and finding her blog came at a time when I was looking for fellow domestic machine quilters to be inspired and supported by.  I love her detailed and intense quilting and use of color.

Quilting detail--bottom thread color is Aurifil #2600 (dove), middle thread is #2605 (grey) and top thread is # 4241 (very dark grey).

So I emailed her back in November, thinking maybe we could squeeze in making the minis before Quiltcon and get to swap them in person!  We both have a busy quilting schedule that is punctuated by kid wrangling, so I knew it was kind of crazy to get it done in time.  But it was worth a I kind of wanted to avoid the shipping cost and time lag to Tasmania. ;-)

I'm not sure how I was able to put this quilt together with all the craziness before QuiltCon, but I did!  I tried to pick a pattern that would leave enough space for lots of FMQ since that is the biggest thing Jess and I admire and enjoy about each other's work.

New York Beauty quilt back, Kona Basil (I think).

We briefly discussed colors--her favorite being green, but my stash was seriously lacking in that department, so I went for her second favorite of teal--my stash of teal is robust and diverse!  I knew she loved low volume quilts, but when I tried to pair my teal fabric pull with LV I just wasn't feeling it.  I don't know how black got involved, but it was all over once I saw them together.

New York Beauty mini quilt center detail.

I used Better Off Thread's New York Beauty pattern, enlarged 175% at the copy store (inspired by this gorgeous version made by Party of Eight).  They had to use their big machine to get the copies the right size, but the extra wait and expense was worth it.  Although to be honest I had no concept of how big the quilt was going to end up!  I used every Tula Pink teal fabric I had and then filled in the gaps with other fabrics.  I used all Aurifil threads, basically because my machine adores them, they quilt so smoothly and they have a wonderful sheen.

It was such a delight to get to present this quilt to Jess in person!   It was clear from her response that she loved it, which is always the best when you give someone a quilt.  I had such a wonderful time chatting and looking at the quilt show with her!  I do hope we can meet up again someday, visiting Tasmania has definitely been added to my bucket list!  ;-)

Label from TagsToGo on etsy.


  1. Seriously awesome, Renee! I love that the back is just as beautiful as the front! I seem to remember you posting on IG that you weren't sure about the swirly parts between the spikes of the New York Beauty, but they look great when you see the whole thing together.

  2. I think it is incredibly awesome that you were able to get this mini done in time to gift to her in person at QuiltCon. Michael and I have been dreaming of a trip to Tasmania for a few years now (hikes through the forests there sound amazing).

  3. This is gorgeous. I have the pattern for New York Beauty, have made several of the blocks, ... yep, and there she sits, languishing. Seeing this has made me want to pull her out into the light and get her going again. For the record, I LOVE teal (or blue and/or green) with black. Have a Bento Box quilt in the works with those very colours!

  4. I really can't thank you enough for my mini Renee, it is simply amazing! I'm honoured you asked me to do a swap with you, and I can't wait to get over my jet lag and start on your quilt. You are definitely coming to visit, I need to hang out with you more :o)

  5. Ok - that is incredible. So striking, and I really love your thread choices. :)

  6. It is a beauty!!! Love those colours!!!

  7. Wow. The colors are fab but the quilting really makes it. Stunning, stunning, and more stunning! Those little spirals are genius!

  8. What a good idea: arrange a swap with someone you like. Why don't we all do more of that? This is a such a lovely design. I am such Jess will treasure it.
    I really recommend visiting Tasmania. It is a quiet but beautiful part of the world.