Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP: dress and hexies

Amazingly I finished my March To-Do list with a week to spare.  This hasn't happened in longer than I can remember!  I debated between getting a jump start on my April list or making a dress--the dress won:

Pattern cutting.  My pattern weights are a little expensive (50m prime lens).

I bought this Anna Maria Horner Fine Feather voile last summer to make a light weight Washi dress, but after my first two Washis (see the dress here and the tunic here), I decided the pattern really wasn't that flattering on my body and went looking for a new dress to try.  I finally decided on The Date Night Dress.  I'm between a size medium and large, but decided to make the large.

Reasons every step takes 4 times longer than it should: emergency medical lego evacuation on my cutting table.

I don't have fabric for the slip yet--any suggestion on what will slide nicely with voile?  I saw someone else had used Robert Kaufman Radiance (silk and cotton blend), so I was thinking of trying that, but wish I knew how it would feel with the voile.

Large washers are on my list for my next hardware store trip.

My other WIP is this ongoing obsession with making hexies when I am idle.  It used to be just during road trips, so I didn't have a lot to worry about, but now I've started making them while watching shows in the evening and they are adding up fast:

Scrappy hexies.

I've been using scraps just big enough for a hexie to plan for them, just enjoying the process.  So my question to you is this--what do you make with hexies?  I'm running out of papers and want to either start using them or sewing them together so I can make more hexies.


  1. LOL hexi obsession! I would probably sort them into rainbow order and fill in the gaps to eventually make a pillow using Nicole @ Modern Handcraft's modern hexies method. Or I've seen some cool pincushions made from hexies. Also, there's always the "adorn your zip pouches with hexies" idea. So far, I've been on a hexi making kick, too, but with no true project in mind. I'm curious to see what you decide to do.

    Sorry I have no tips on the dress lining. I have yet to venture into garment making, let alone dresses with slips! It's going to be gorgeous, though!

  2. I can't wait to see this dress! I used a silk fabric the was especially for dressmaking from JoAnns (for my voile dress). It's perfect. Maybe you can make a tablerunner or placemats with the hexies? That would be cute! I made a bunch a couple of years ago and never did anything with them.

  3. I am so glad you decided to go ahead and make the dress! :) Congratulations on having a stress free end of the month!

  4. Ooooh that dress is going to be awesome! You can use your hexies for anything really and so the hardest part is choosing what! What about putting them all together in rainbow order and making a project pouch for all of your hexie notions?

  5. Nothing wrong with hexies adding up...eventually we will put them into projects LOL

  6. The fabric for your dress is seriously gorgeous! I don't have any suggestions as to lining. . . garment sewing is beyond me :) Unfortunately, no advice about hexies either. . . haven't been bitten by that but but the bags with the hexies on them are very enticing :) Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  7. That fabric will make a beautiful dress! Sorry, I can't help with the slip question...I haven't ventured much into garment making, though I would love to someday. I love the emergency medical evacuation. I spent Sunday morning sewing with dinosaurs :) Love the hexies too, especially the ladybug ones. Just keep making more, eventually an idea will strike and you'll have lots of hexies ready to go for it!

  8. That AMH print is one of my all time faves, and your dress is sure to be stunning. Hope the Lego man survived.

  9. What can't you make with hexies?! ;)

  10. I don't have a clue what to suggest you use as a lining ~ I mostly use knits when garment sewing.
    I use river rocks as my pattern weights, and store them in a candy jar. My rocks are a big step up from the butter knives I used to use :-)

    I know what you could do with your hexies ~ send them to me!! That'd be a great project ;-)
    I hope you are happy with your date night dress. And actually wear it on a date :-)

  11. You can make anything with hexies. My first quilt was all hexies, but I am not sure I would recommend that as it took me decades and almost caused me to never make a second quilt. How about something small like cushions and bags and pincushions for starters?
    Anything lightweight in a natural fibre will be a nice dress lining. I went a bit wild last week and bought some silk satin for a slip, but it is to go under a lace dress for a wedding - not an everyday item. The silk and cotton blend, if washable (dry-cleaning is expensive), sounds lovely.