Thursday, April 9, 2015


TARDIS IV quilt, measures 36.5" x 65".

Today I'm sharing my fourth finished TARDIS quilt.  I hope you guys aren't getting tired of seeing these, they are a lot of fun to work on and bring in a little money to support this hobby.  I'll keep my words brief since most of you have probably heard it all before.  There are links at the bottom of this post to my previous TARDIS quilts, which have lots more information and pictures.

TARDIS quilt custom Gallifreyan panel.

TARDIS quilt, quilting detail.

TARDIS quilt sign detail.

TARDIS quilt woodgrain panels

TARDIS quilt star border quilting detail.

And now for the back:

TARDIS IV quilt back.

TARDIS quilt back, sign quilting detail.

TARDIS quilt back detail.

TARDIS quilt back, Gallifreyan panel

TARDIS quilt back, woodgrain detail

Quilt front is a panel from Spoonflower.
Quilt back is a blue I found at Joann's,
Binding is Kona Pepper.

Front--Aurifil #2740 (dark cobalt) and #2692 (black).
Back--Aurifil #5004 (grey smoke)

Warm and Natural

Links to my previous TARDIS Quilts:
First TARDIS quilt (with 5 Gallifreyan panels and weeping angels in the windows)
TARDIS II quilt (designed and pieced by me)

Quilt label from TagsToGo on Etsy.


  1. Congratulations! I love that you can do these to support your hobby, and I really love the wood grain detail on this quilt. Do you pre-buy the panels from Spoonflower in case they go away (I recall they did previously?) or do you just purchase when need arises?

  2. Stunning of course. I LOVE your woodgrain. You amaze me!

  3. Fantastic! I really need to make one. Probably 2 or I will have to fight my son over it!

  4. Love the wood grain in the quilt and the Gallifreyan panel. Mad about all your tardis quilts!

  5. Wow! Do you have a shop where this can be purchased?

  6. crazy man! So many details! I always love them. :)

  7. Beautiful...great finish! Your quilting really makes that panel shine!

  8. Bravo!!! The quilting is simply incredible! I especially love the detail in the star border. Such a beautiful finish!

  9. I love these and never get tired of seeing them. I bought a panel and am wanting to try some fmq on it. But I haven't yet had the time. I would love seeing a Gallifreyan tutorial - like a video if you are ever up to it. I remember your post on practicing and man does it look difficult! What does this one say?

  10. How can we get tired of such gorgeous eye candy! Love it! And the quilting is just amazing...

  11. Wonderful quilt and love the quilting as well. Love the wood look.

  12. Amazing! Quilting is gorgeous!

  13. The quilting is awesome! I don't think we ever get tired of it :) will you?

  14. Your Tardis quilts are amazing - I am in awe! I would like to make one for my godson for his 40th birthday, however, I cannot figure out how to get the whole Tardis Panel and the signs and I wonder if you would help me. I am not a member of Spoonflower and I am not a designer so I don`t think I can join - can I. If you have any advice or can tell me somewhere else that I may buy the panel from I would really appreciate it. Your quilting is wonderful - mine will not even come close to yours but I can do straight line quilting.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  15. Wow, this is a stunner! I'm almost inspired to try my own.

  16. LOVE your quilting choices!! awesome.

  17. All of the quilting detail is amazing!

  18. Fifty million kinds of awesome! :D Congrats on an amazing finish, the quilting is luscious!

  19. Confession. . . Dr. Who? As in I don't know anything about Dr. Who. . . Is that bad? :) What I do know is that this quilt is awesome! Your quilting is spectacular - that wood grain is incredible, the star background. . . I could go through and list every little thing. It is such eye candy! Beautifully done :)

  20. Well, your quilting exceeds all expectations! I really am impressed with all of it! Like Judy above, I
    d have to list every detail. However, I do know who Dr. Who is....does that age me? :-)

  21. Love love love the quilting in the star border!
    And the wood grain! Definitely my faves!