Friday, April 3, 2015

The Date Night Dress

Last week I finished my March To Do list early enough to make something fun, and I had just purchased The Date Night Dress pattern from Hawthorne Threads.  Please excuse my awkwardness:

The Date Night Dress

I bought this Anna Maria Horner voile last summer when it was on sale, and it is delightful light to wear.  Next time I'd love to make it in a rayon!

The Date Night Dress side view

My measurements were right in between a large and a medium, and I didn't really want to make a muslin, so I made a large.  Unbelted it does resemble a mumu though (there is a lot of extra fabric around the bust and waist), I think maybe I should make a medium sized muslim before making another one.

The Date Night Dress

There is a slight gape at the neck, which I saw on some others on the internet.  I might try to fix that too with a muslin.

Small box pleat at the center back.

What I like about the flowy sleeves is that they are very comfortable and airy.  They're not so long that they get in the way or look silly (right?).

The only change I made to the pattern was to make the hem 1" shorter (on the dress only).  I like the length of it and the slight drop in the back.

The Date Night Dress back.

I made the simple slip that comes with the pattern, which you can see in this photo of me showing off my armpit:

Oh good, everyone is looking at my armpit now.

I bought some bridal lining for the slip at Joann's, mostly because it was the fastest option and I wanted to get the dress done quickly.  It is very sheer and static-y though, and some polyester or blend (machine washable at least).  Next time I'll try to get a cotton blend for better breathability.

Man I wish I'd dug out my cute summer wedges for this photoshoot.


  1. Pretty lady! It looks adorable with the belt. The sleeves are great, too. I loled at the second to last pic :D (your face is priceless)

  2. I love the captions on the last two photographs. :) I can't wait to take you out for a date!! xYvonne

  3. I have been eyeing up this pattern, but the only thing I am not sure I really like about it, is the huge underarm gap - is is able to be sewn higher ?

  4. Love the armpit caption!! The dress looks great belted, and the colour of the fabric looks lovely on you.

  5. your armpits are adorable :)
    I love this dress on you, the soft drape and fabric are so flattering and romantic!!! X!

  6. I love when someone shows off something they've made for themselves to wear; making a wearable is not something I could do! You look lovely in this dress!! The colors are so perfect and it looks very comfortable. I hope you have a great date night! :)

  7. Dang girl! Lookin' hawt!
    Love this dress and it definitely looks great on you.
    And the fabric is perfectly you.
    I may need to add this one to my growing list of "clothes i want to make for myself but know i never will"!