Monday, April 6, 2015

Triangle Transparency Blog Hop

I am so excited to finally be able to share this quilt with you!  I pattern tested the Triangle Transparency pattern for Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl:

Triangle Transparency

I made this as a baby quilt for my friend Alexis, who is currently a week overdue with her second.  So when Yvonne asked if I was interested in pattern testing I decided it would be a perfect for this baby!  

Triangle Transparency quilting detail of a pebbled corner.

I really wanted my friend Alexis to love this quilt, so I took her fabric shopping--all the fabric on the front are from Joann's.  She chose all the purples and center marbled fabric, and I suggested the order, black background and teal binding (to coordinate with the teals in the marbled fabric). 

Triangle Transparency quilting detail.

The quilt top came together so fast!  I spent a total of 8 hours on the quilt top over three days.  I was done with the backing and quilting within a week of starting!  I love a fast pattern.  My hours spent making the quilt top:

Cutting: 45 minutes
Marking & pinning squares to make HST: 30 minutes
Piecing, pressing and trimming HST: 2 hours
Piecing together the blocks: 4.5 hours
Joining blocks together: 15 minutes
Total time: 8 hours

Triangle Transparency, piecing each quadrant took just over an hour, and finished at 30.5" square.

It took a while to decide on what to use on the back, but finally I decided to use this fishy panel I'd been saving for a special baby quilt:

Quilt back.--Sea Breeze panel by Amy Shaw, surrounded by Kona Cornflower.

When it came to quilting it I had a lot of issues due to the thread--I used Superior Threads So Fine in the bobbin (the only thread I had in the right color), and mostly Aurifil on the top.  But I fought with the tension constantly!  I had to rip out an entire quadrant when the tension suddenly went bad without warning and I didn't realize it for a while.

Really, really bad tension.  Cue obscenities and the seam ripper.

I'm not sure why I had so many issues with the thread, I don't remember having that many problems with Superior Threads before!  When I tried using the So Fine in the top it was impossible to get the right tension on the top and bottom, so I switched to Aurifil and just had to accept that I couldn't get it to be perfect (and believe me I looked through my Aurifil threads for a similar blue to use in the bobbin many times).

Quilting detail--poor tension, bobbin thread poking through.  Better than those terrible eyelashes on the back!

The other quilting issue I had was with the patterns I chose.  I thought large pebbles would be perfect for the medium purple, but ended up hating the process!  I don't like making regular sized pebbles (dime-sized), and it turns out I like making bigger ones even less (at least the size of a quarter).

Quilting detail, pebbled corner (prewash).

So I decided to do the pebbles on diagonal corners and then loops with hearts on the other diagonal corners.

Quilting detail, loopy corner (prewash). 

In the end I love the way the quilting worked out and think it compliments the triangle pattern really well.  It also adds a neat texture to the back!

Quilt back quilting detail.

Quilt back center detail.

I really enjoy this size of quilt, and think it will be perfect for a baby!  The quilt top finished at 60" square.  After quilting it was 58.5" square, and after the first wash it shrank to 55" square (I used Warm and Natural batting).

Triangle Transparency quilt pattern.

I think this pattern is very well written, and would be appropriate for a beginner.  As an advanced quilter I found the pattern thorough yet simple, easy to read and really enjoyable to put together.

If you're interested in getting the Triangle Transparency pattern, it is on sale this week for only $6 in Yvonne's CraftsyEtsy, and Payhip stores!

Triangle Transparency Quilt Pattern Cover

The other pattern testers made delightful versions of this quilt and are definitely worth checking out!  Here are all the stops on the Triangle Transparency blog hop:
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  1. Interesting what you said about tension, as I've been experiencing similar issues...I was using So Fine on both the top and the bottom and still had to back off my top tension a little to get the threads to lie properly. With Aurifil (a variegated grey 50 wt in the top, I really had to back off the tension, and to the point almost that I do for Sulky rayon or metallic threads! I have a Bernina, and it does not have tension issues, and it was just tuned up. I thought maybe it was me... I absolutely ADORE the whale panel on the back and the large pebbles, though tedious for you are SO cute when seen from the back. Love the outlined or double feather you did down the centres. I am definitely going to buy this pattern! btw what a great baby quilt; it will last easily into the teen years with a pattern like this. :-)

  2. I love your version of Yvonne's quilt! Adorable back as well~well done ;)

  3. Oh my goodness, fighting tension issues like that can drive a person batty. I hate it when I have to rip out big sections like that, and I am glad you were able to get it to work once you realized what was going on. I have to admit that I've given up on matching bobbin thread to the back and just use the same thread top and bottom.... I am a huge fan of pebbles, when they are done! :) I love the feathers going down the middle of the quilt, and I hope that your friend and new baby are snuggling up with the quilt soon.

  4. Love the colors your friend selected and seeing this pattern with a dark background. Sorry to hear about your tension issues. That's never fun. I think that's why I always stick with the same color in my bobbin as in the top, regardless of what the back looks like. That way if I can't get the tension perfect and have some little poke-throughs in the top, it won't be as noticeable. Again, beautiful quilt.

  5. Typed a big long comment and it got lost in the internet black hole :( Short version: The colors and fabric are fab, despite the tension issues while quilting it, the finished product looks awesome and congrats to your friend and her new baby :)

  6. Well, you know I love purple! You did a beautiful job. Your friend is going to be OVER the MOON! :) I also love looking at your quilting on the back!

  7. These color choices are so great, and the texture looks fabulous. I like the look of pebbles but have decided I don't like doing them. :) So sorry you had to deal with tension issues, what a pain! I really like your version of Yvonne's quilt pattern.

  8. what a great pattern!! I can easily see this for any age, and great for guys too! I'm thinking of doing it in blue and orange transparency for my brother, who is a huge Broncos fan. XX!

  9. I really love your quilt. Actually I love this pattern. Definitely one to pin for when I have some more time. Isn't it funny how when we make something we only see the issues where everyone else sees the lovely whole 😄

  10. Such a beautiful finish! Looks like a fun pattern. And your quilting is extraordinary!

  11. Great version of the pattern! Your quilting is awesome as usual :) I love the cute back too. What a perfect double sided quilt!

  12. That backing fabric is very cute. I really like your quilting--sorry to hear about your tension issues, but it turned out great--I like looking at the details on the back! I love this quilt with a dark background like that, and the purple looks so pretty. The teal binding ties everything together perfectly!

  13. I really like the teal marble fabric closer to the centre and you do such beautiful quilting!! The back fabric is perfect for a baby quilt. Your friend will love it!!


  14. This is exactly why everyone should have a full rainbow of Aurifil on hand at all times. I wonder if we can apply for some sort of grant to make that happen? Gorgeous finish, and as always, your quilting is stunning!

  15. What a fun take on transparency! And the quilting is gorgeous despite any tension issues. :)

  16. Oh, this is so cool! I love it! And the backing too!

  17. I love how you quilted the feathers in the center. Beautiful all around.

  18. Love the purples and the use of the whale panel in the backing What a great way to use it! Great quilting as well!

  19. Fabulous - I love purples probably because they are so hard to find in tones i like. My machine loves aurifil too and I've given up trying to use anything else in it apart from 50wt YLI. Love the backing you used!

  20. Amazing quilt! I can relate to the thread problems... I like Superior Thread colors but had to stop using the thread because my Bernina just did not like it! I have no problems with Aurifil or Signature threads.

  21. Beautifully done! I love the fun of the backing!

  22. Well done! Lovely quilt and great FMQ on it too!
    I do love the pebbles though!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  23. Loving your version Renee. So striking with the black. And your quilting!!! The feathers in the center are perfect.
    Super cute back fabric too!

  24. Thank you for a great post Renee -- the quilt you made, and the quilting, is adorable. I too am a huge fan of Aurifil but I've never tried the Superior So Fine -- It's on my list of things to do. Have a great day! Karen