Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ABQMQG Banner Progress II

It has been a crazy 3 weeks since I was last able to post about this banner, but I'm finally able to catch up on some blogging!  Here is the banner last you saw it:

ABQMQG banner progress.  Current size: about 105" x 65".

Here are the photos I took after each finished bobbin:

ABQMQG banner: chopped off bottom and finished the sun rays.

After a lot of debate and discussion with various people (several from my guild), I decided it would be best to chop off the bottom of the banner due to the waviness.  I thought it would fix the problem, it did not.

ABQMQG banner: swirls through the big letters and more filler

ABQMQG banner: swirls above the big letters and lots more filler.

ABQMQG banner: filled in around "modern quilt guild", more partial swirls and lots of filler.

ABQMQG banner: filled in center of the sun with pebbles and swirls and finished the filler.

ABQMQG banner: quilted more on the mountain and quilted "Ghost Mountain" in the bottom right.

I think after this photo I used one more bobbin, but forgot to get a photo of the progress.  I will be back soon with the finished quilt to share though!  Woo!


  1. Just stupendous!! You know, You could average the width of the top, and add a bottom back on, easing as you go, if you like? I cannot wait to see the finished product. Just brilliant!

  2. So sorry about the continued waviness. But your quilting looks incredible. Love all the progress shots.

  3. This looks so great! Maybe the waves can be weighted down...maybe even with the binding. Either way you have done simply amazing work.

  4. It's amazing! All this beautiful, intricate quilting showing off all the proud symbolism of the region, and anybody has time to see a few extremely small undulations at the bottom of a banner? Banner, long may she _______. That's right, banners, since they are hung up, usually wave! So, stop worrying about the minuscule at the bottom and admire the Grand up at the top with the rest of us! That's my advice :)

  5. Renee, the banner is absolutely spectacular! It looked so awesome hanging in the booth. Your design choices and execution are perfect - and I was looking up close and personal :) I didn't notice any waves. We are our own worse critics - stop that - you did a fabulous job! :)

  6. Aw man... that sounds like it was a challenge, but it looks gorgeous!

  7. Ooo, thanks for sharing the step-by-step process with the photos. I could better understand what you were encountering and completing. Nifty!

  8. It is even more amazing in person!!

  9. I've never known anyone to take on quilting something so huge, let alone to do such amazing work with it! I particularly love how you added balloons and extended the mountain shapes into the background. Awesome Renee!

  10. Your quilting is fabulous! Love the progress shots. I've been studying these pics and I'm always finding something new!