Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Wedding Medallion

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This is my entry into the Large Quilts category:

Finished Museum Medallion quilt.

I used the Museum Medallion pattern, with quite a few changes.  It is an advanced hand piecing pattern that I machine pieced over 4+ months.  I spent 82 hours hands-on quilt making (and only 16 hours of that was spent quilting it).

Museum Medallion center.

I had never heard of or seen this pattern before, so the whole experience was very new to me of ordering an international pattern (I bought it from Alewives Fabrics in the states), translating a hand piecing pattern to machine piecing, and the many, many places I had to fudge what to do as the pattern is very slim on instructions, measurements, and general helpfulness.   This pattern is not for the faint of heart!

Museum Medallion detail.  The flying geese aren't in the pattern (it calls for a second row of diamonds).

The pattern is lacking (including all online content I could find), at best, and I would only recommend it for people who like a challenge and are already experienced with y-seams, curved piecing, fixing templates, fixing wobbly borders, precise piecing and pressing, and extensive quilt math (despite the pattern you will still need to figure the right size of blocks for each border, as she doesnt' include that, and you will inevitably need a different size than is given anyway).  See why the piecing alone took 63 hours?!  Never.again. 

Drunkard's Path circles and lemoyne star corner stone.

But despite all the setbacks and frustrations due to the pattern, it turned out fabulous, and beautifully flat (but only after hours spent making sure it would be!).  Some of my favorite details are the ones I added--the cornerstones, the quilting, the flying geese.

Large border detail--French Wallpaper in Spruce, by Amy Butler.  Love the quilting on it!

I had planned a simple back using some wide backing, but really wasn't drawn to any of the options I looked at.  Then I got the idea to incorporate a double wedding ring (I used this free pattern), and decided to just piece the whole thing.  You may notice the double wedding ring type quilting in the Arabesque Buds border on the front of the quilt too--I promised to incorporate it in the quilt.

Museum Medallion back, which is mostly Arabesque Buds in Ivory by Pat Bravo.

Back detail.  I love how the circular quilting from the front medallion is linked with both of these.  Totally happened by accident, I actually intended for the rings to be further down on the quilt.

I pieced and quilted it using only Aurifil in #2000 and #2310.  I used nearly 2 large spools for quilting, and another large spool just on piecing!  My sewing machine adores Aurifil, and by that I mean it very rarely has any issues with it, even during my crazy free motion quilting!  

Drunkard's Path circle quilting (before the wash, as I neglected to get a photo of them after the wash).

Back detail of the Drunkard's Path circles.  They remind me of portholes.

Quilt back, quilting detail.

Quilting texture.  On the last wide border I followed the design on the fabric (French Wallpaper in Spruce, by Amy Butler).

I laid the quilt over my bed to see how it would fall:

Museum Medallion laying on a queen sized bed.

Side view of the Museum Medallion laying on a queen sized bed.

Quilt stats:
Size: 86.75" square
Pieced and quilted by me, Renee Hoffman
Category: Large Quilt

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  1. What a heroic effort. You poor thing. I almost never buy patterns, but surely they are not all this bad. One of my first quilts was a Storm at Sea that I did from a terrible pattern. It did not turn out flat!

  2. LOVE this quilt, Renee! Every time I see it I think, that is the medallion quilt I really want to make. . . and then I read about all of the troubles you had and think. . . would I be able to soldier through it like you did? Ummm. . . probably not LOL Heading over to vote for viewer's choice - you've go my vote, my dear! This is just spectacular! Oh, and it lays perfectly on the queen size bed! Every time I look at this quilt I see something new! And your quilting is spectacular, as usual! :) Beautifully done!

  3. All your efforts led to a happy ending! SPECTACULAR!

  4. Your quilt is fabulous, but what really amazes me is how fast you were able to machine quilt it! FMQ takes me forever to do - the last queen size took a couple of months quilting 2-3 hours a day! You created a gorgeous masterpiece from what was obviously a seriously lacking pattern - bravo!

  5. I think medallion quilts are the best and this one is outstanding! I'm afraid I would have thrown in the towel on this pattern, sounds pretty difficult. Congrats on powering through - you ended up with an amazing quilt! And as always, I love your quilting!!

  6. The quilt drapes really nicely on a queen size bed! I think I must have missed that when you posted about it originally. I think you put a ton of work into making sure each part of the piecing was square and flat and I am so glad it turned out well in the end (and I'm sorry it was such a pain along the way).

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I find the quilts that challenge me the most are the ones I love the most. I'm sure you will always put this in your favorite category,. The quilting is most excellent.

  8. Medallion quilts are always a special kind of struggle to get and keep them square. (My first quilt was a medallion that remains unfinished 30+ years later.... I simply could not figure out how to fix it) So kudos to you for finishing, having it be square, and finishing a lovely quilt you can be proud of!

  9. What a fabulous quilt! Medallions are some of my favorites and this one is beautiful!

  10. Beautiful. Not much else is necessary to say.

  11. You are definitely not faint of heart. :) this is such a beautiful quilt.

  12. Amazing! Did you enter it in the quilt festival they have there in Alburqueque? You have done excellent work - especially lacking instructions which is worse than designing your own quilt. And that's one of the things I loved - the flying geese!

  13. Wow this is an amazing quilt Renee! What a colossal challenge it was - I admire that you stuck with it through all the difficulties and ended up with this absolute beauty!

  14. That's an impressive piece of work! And a beautiful mix of colors and motifs. It looks gorgeous on the bed.

  15. Wow. That's about all I can type. Okay. Breathe. This is stunning. The colour combination is unusual to my eye: seafoam in the Amy Butler round and primary colours in the geese and Drunkard's Path...but it SO works. Love how it sits on the bed. Patterns (like that Seashell Runner and Gears, are so frustrating when they are lacking). Perseverance...and it paid off for you with this beauty!

  16. Fantastic work! It must make you smile to look at it - congrats - it's gorgeous!

  17. Your work certainly paid off. Wonderful quilt!