Friday, July 31, 2015

Aeroplane Bag (I)

Aeroplane bag

This week I finished my first Aeroplane Bag (I already have plans for a second!).

Aeroplane bag: I added a slip pocket to this side, partially to cover the upside down words--the only way I could get the pattern pieces to fit on 1/2 a yard.

I made the regular size and it fits my new Hello Kitty Janome (a 3/4) machine perfectly!

Aeroplane bag for a small sewing machine.  Actually it's roomier than I intended, but still works!

I quilted the outside panels, which I think added two days of work to the project!  But it added great texture!

Quilted exterior, Love to Sew by Michael Miller

A friend on IG suggested zipper tabs to aid the zipper insertion, so I added 1.5" zipper taps to the end of my 24" zipper (so it would still be 24" long).  I still angled the seam to the edge so it would turn the zipper tab into a wedge shape:

Zipper tab on the Aeroplane bag.

The zipper tabs help keep the zipper centered at the ends and reduce bulk in the side seam.  Definitely worth the extra step!  I made a tutorial on how I did it, check it out here!

Zipper tab on the other end of the Aeroplane bag.

I only used stash fabrics for this, though I did need to get more interfacing, so the inside is kind of boring:

10" zipper pocket.

Slip pocket for the instruction manual, because I'm one of those people that keeps it handy and references it frequently.

I liked the pattern and the construction on this bag, and would say it's only slightly more difficult than Noodlehead's Super Tote due to the peltex in the bottom pieces (they are just stiff to work with) and the zipper.


  1. Cute bag! I love how perfectly it fits your machine. Makes me wonder if my Singer 301 would fit in one of these.

  2. It looks amazing and perfect for your machine. Does it fit the cord and pedal as well? I think the quilting is the prettiest touch. Great texture.

  3. Great bag! The fabrics are perfect for a sewing machine bag

  4. It looks great, Renee! I love that you used Tealk to make it.

  5. Lovely! I love the tip about the tabs. That would be a great help when inserting a zipper. This bag would be perfect for my Featherweight. Thanks!

  6. It came out great! Looks like the fit is perfect.

  7. Looks great and your machine fits perfectly :) Well done!

  8. Beautiful fabrics and a great bag. Thanks for the comparison to the Super Tote as I've only just made one. This pattern might have to be next on my list!

  9. Nice finish!
    The inside pockets are not boring. And isn't lining exactly what boring fabrics are for?