Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How To Be A Good Swap Partner/Beemate (a guest post at Quilty Habit)

Today I have a guest/collaboration post over on Quilty Habit: Top 10 Ways To Be A Good Swap Partner and Beemate!

A swap quilt Jess made for the AMH mini quilt swap on IG.

Actually we feel so passionately about being a good swap partner/beemate (and making the swap community a better place!) that we came up with 18 ways!  So if you're in a swap or bee, or considering joining one, definitely go read our list.  And share it with your swap and/or bee!  The more people that understand the ways and importance of being a good partner/beemate, the better the community will be and the more enjoyment everyone will get out of it.  So head over to Jess's blog to read our Top 10 18 Ways To Be A Good Swap Partner and Beemate!

Mini quilt I made for the #IGminiswap last year.


  1. Very well written. I am definitely going to be going back to see if anything else crops up in the comment. ;)

  2. Great advice - there are so many swaps and I've missed a few I would have loved to be a part of but happy in the end with the two I picked as they do take up quite a bit of time to do something nice for your swap partner and not rush to put something in the post!

  3. I seem to always be out on the swap loop hearing about them after the fact...but your list addresses the concerns I have seen. For bees...for me...it's always receiving blocks of the wrong size. I stopped participating because of that...which is a shame because in general I really like bees.