Thursday, August 27, 2015

1000 Cranes Aeroplane Bag (II)

Aeroplane bag in 1000 Cranes Indigo.

I have been hoarding this crane fabric for ages (okay only like 3 years), saving it for a special dress.  Well, I finally realized I'm not likely to find a perfect dress pattern for my shape and I should use it for other projects that make me happy.  I made this bag for a friend that loves blue, and I hope appreciates cranes (my favorite bird, and in my top 5 favorite animals).  The bottom panel is a reclaimed denim.

This is my second Aeroplane bag, you can see the first one here.  This time I made the long version, because I think it's a better size for a weekend/overnight bag, and you can fit a small sewing machine in it:

Long version of the Aeroplane bag, this sewing machine measures 6.5" deep x 15" wide x 12.5" tall (not including those red straws).

I added an outer slip pocket (you can see in the first photo), an interior split slip pocket, and one zippered pocket:

Aeroplane bag interior: split slip pocket.

Aeroplane bag interior: large zippered pocket.

Again I quilted the exterior pieces (I basted the fabric onto Annie's Soft and Stable and FMQ normally):

Aeroplane bag quilted exterior.

And this time I remembered to add one of my labels!

Label from Tags 2 Go on Etsy.

Here are the two Aeroplane bags and machines side by side for comparison's sake:

Aeroplane bags (left is the long version, right is the regular version) with machines that fit inside.

I added extra padding to the handles and zipper tabs to the zipper--you can see my tutorial on how I did them here.


  1. The bag is amazing, Renee. I have big plans for it already - Michael was laughing at me with my detail and specificity in use. It's definitely going to be a great travel bag (I can't wait to bring it with us in November)! Thank you so much for using up yoru specially hoarded fabric for it... I loved seeing all the different fabrics you used for the pouches and interior, too. And the squid pull should not be overlooked.

  2. Gah! That quilting is so great!! I love this!!! ^_^

  3. Your bag looks fantastic! I love how you quilted it to enhance your fabric. And it does fit your machine well.

  4. The color combos are an A+! Nice choice with the longer one. I'm sure Yvonne will put it to good use :)

  5. Beautifully done, Renee! The details truly are amazing. And the quilting is perfect. Totally digging everything about this bag! And no, I probably won't be making one, but I sure did enjoy looking at all of the fun extras you put in this one! :)

  6. This is just beautiful Renee! Love how you quilted it, the swirls are perfect!
    And the denim bottom is fantastic :)

  7. So beautiful! I love how the quilting makes the motifs stand out.

  8. These are fabulous, Renee! Love that crane fabric, mmm! Reminds me of the time I took my old girl, Elna, to Florida with me in an even older hard sided little redcarry-on suitcase from when I was 12...of course it set off security at the scan, and I'll never forget the looks on their faces when they popped open my little red suitcase to reveal the source of all that metal...

  9. It is perfect! Well done! I'm sure it'll be loved ;)

  10. Hi Renee. I'm going to attempt to sew an aeroplane bag. Did you end up doing a tutorial on the zipper tabs and handle padding? Anything to make the zippers easier to sew sounds good to me.

    1. Not yet! I will try to post it today or tomorrow! Sorry for the delay :-)

    2. Thanks Renee. Look forward to reading about your recommendations.

    3. Here's is the post with the tutorials, hope they are helpful to you!