Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dinosaurs Mini Quilt

Dinosaurs mini quilt: measures 12" x 30"

A few months ago I pattern tested these paper pieced dinosaur blocks by Stars and Sunshine (available in her Craftsy store).  My plan was to turn them into a mini quilt based off of this scene from the show Firefly.  Finally I have!

Dinosaurs mini quilt: speech bubbles, now with punctuation!

The speech bubbles say

"Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
"Hahaha!  Mine is an evil laugh!  Now die!"
"Oh no, god! Oh dear god in heaven!"

If it doesn't make sense, scroll back up, click on the link and watch the clip (it's only like 40 second long).  If it still doesn't make sense I suggest you go watch the entire Firefly series!  Less than one season, you can knock it out in an afternoon!

Dinosaur mini quilt: feathered ceratosaurus

I used the 12" Tyra t-rex pattern for the ceratosaurus (the dino in the tv clip), and 18" x 9" Steph stegosaurus pattern.

Dinosaur mini quilt: spirals on the stegosaurus.

I used Bella Solids in Charcoal (lighter and greener than Kona Charcoal, for the record) for the background and backing.  I don't have info about the various dino colors--I got most of those solids from someone on Instagram.  The binding is Kona Eggplant.

Dinosaurs mini quilt: back

I used Aurifil #5004 for all of the background, bobbin, and all of the quilting on the stegosaurus.  I used Aurifil #2600 for the quilting on the ceratosaurus and #2021 for the words and speech bubbles. 

Dinosaurs mini quilt: quilting detail.

You might be wondering, "With 3 days worth of pebble quilting is there a snail somewhere in there?"  Good question!  Yes, indeed there is one snail, which can be seen in two of the above photos.  However, there are lots of "false snails"--pebbles with spirals but no snail.  I also quilted some of the larger pebbles with stars to break up the monotony of quilting a million pebbles!


  1. I confess: I have no idea about Firefly. But I love the idea of a cartoon-strip quilt featuring dinosaurs and corny dialogue. It is so quirky and fun!
    (Clip now watched, and a few others on Youtube. It looks like a fun series!)

  2. I love the quilting you decided on for the dinos. Esp. those paisleys. Great job!! You worked so hard on those pebbles! YOu deserve a break. :D Also, I where can I get Firefly?

  3. Hurray! A new snail hunt! I really like how the mini came together, and adding the quilting to the dinosaurs worked out great.

  4. I found the snail! I've never seen Firefly, but that doesn't stop this from being a really cute little quilt :)

  5. LURVE this!! Found the snail :D The feathers you did in the dinos is fabulous, especially loving the stegosaurus!! Pebbles. . . not a fan of doing them but they are SO effective! Beautifully done, as usual :)

  6. Even though I know nothing about Firefly, I know my 7 year old son would love this - he's really into dinosaurs at the moment and this seems like his sense of humour, too :)