Monday, October 5, 2015

Mini-mini Quilts

Recently my friend Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl recently posted a tiny quilt (only measure 3" square) to her instagram and asked if anyone wanted to swap for it.  I was lucky enough to say YES! first, and little did I know it was but a rabbit hole of mini-mini-mania.  If you're interested in joining in, check out the #miniminiquiltswap on IG and look for ones available to swap, or just ask someone if they'd like to swap with you!  Everyone is so friendly.

Mini-mini quilts.

I started with using some 1.5" hst blocks I had leftover from this quilt, and then also used a leftover block from the Wedding Medallion quilt I made earlier this year--both perfectly suited to making itty bitty quilts!

This one went to Kitty at Night Quilter, and just before I mailed it I added some fmq swirls to the center.  See the after photo on my IG

The back, before I added some fmq swirls.  About 3.5" square.

This one went to Michelle on IG, about 4.5" square.

Tiny mini quilt back.

This one went to Yvonne, it measures 3.5" square.

I totally chose this mathy background for Yvonne, but it's awesomeness is lost in the size of this mini.  It is Metrics by Brigitte Heitland for Zen chic.

And then it seemed like I was done...until I started making FMQ paisley wholecloth mini-minis (I'll post photos of those soon)! Apparently that is my niche, and now I'm signed up to swap with 9 more people, hahaha.  I'll be at my machine quilting those up if you need me...


  1. I love your quilted whole cloth mini minis, Renee, but I really love the grey and yellow mini you made for me. The hard pard of the minis is definitely noticing what gets lost in translation at these small scales. What an awesome niche your whole cloth minis are... it will be fun to see how they all look grouped together. :)

  2. So much fun! Working on ideas for my mini ('s)

  3. I feel like these projects are perfect little finishes. You get to use up scraps or orphan blocks, exchange with someone else, and finish something. Sounds like therapy to me! :)

  4. Very sweet! Nice little, quick, and fun finishes!

  5. These are darling. And they look so cute with your labels on the back.

  6. There's no denying that you started something. These are a great idea for a manageable swap, using scraps, or precision piecing/quilting practice.

  7. They are all absolutely adorable! There is something addicting about quick finishes. Very effective at keeping that sewjo going :)

  8. I can see how these would be addictive.

  9. Okay, I've only made one but i can definitely see the addiction forming already!
    They're so fast to make! Love all of these Renee! And your little bindings! I had such a hard time with my binding, what size did you use?