Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mountain Camping mini quilts III & IV

Night Camping mini quilt, measures 12" x 12"

Today I'm sharing the last two of my mountain camping quilt blocks turned mini quilts!  For those new here, I designed this quilt block because I couldn't find any dome tent blocks.  You can find the FREE pattern in my Craftsy store.

Night Camping mini quilt detail

I quilted this one with matching Aurifil threads, with lots of paisleys and swirls to give it a more ethereal feel.  I have been enjoying quilting paisleys so much lately!

Night Camping mini quilt: mountain quilting detail.

Night Camping mini quilt: back of the mountain quilting detail.

I'm so happy to be keeping this quilt!  It hangs next to my sewing room door, so I get to look at it frequently.

Night Camping mini quilt back.

The second one I finished is the Purple Tent mini, this one for my  daughter (3.5).  She asked for a purple tent, and when I asked about quilting she said, "sorta like your tent" referring to the yellow tent above.  So I put a paisley on the tent and then played around with FMQ matchstich quilting on the rest of the quilt.

Purple Tent mini quilt, measures about 12" x 13"

Honestly I wasn't thrilled with the paisley, I like to try something new with every one (no two are the same!), but the tiny clamshells were really tricky and turned out sloppy.  My favorite part is the sky!  Dense quilting really made the clouds puff out.  I also like the way the mountains look, but wonder if the right side of them need some quilting.

Purple Tent mini quilt: tent quilting detail.

Again, I used all Aurifil threads, using whatever color I had that was closest (I only have one shade of purple Aurifil thread!).

Purple Tent mini quilt back.

If you make a Mountain Camping quilt block, or mini quilt, I'd love to see it!  Post a link in the comments or use #mountaincampingquiltblock on IG.


  1. You have one more shade of purple Aurifil than I do! :) I really love the sky quilting with the clouds, too. I'm a bit torn about the right hand side of the mountains. It seems like they need something, but what? So I get that feeling you have. I think it is awesome you made one to keep for yourself.

  2. Great work. It's nice that you made something for yourself.
    I think your daughter's one looks excellent as is, except, perhaps, the 'echo' on the tent doesn't quite match the swirly-whirly (technical term) of the paisley.

  3. I quite like the clamshells and I don't think they look messy at all. I think the right side of the mountains does need a little something, but either minimal quilting, or something very different from the matchstick quilting so that the two sides of the mountains stay distinct. Not sure what to suggest, though, so I'm probably not all that helpful! I think the version you're keeping for yourself is my favourite of them all.

  4. Hehe. I only have one shade of purple Aurifil too. I think I need to remedy that. I actually really like the purple paisley on the tent and I love how the color stands out. The clouds are amazing!

  5. It's true there aren't many quilts with dome tents and they're definitely a common shape out there in camping world. I have a MEC Tarn... it's an odd shaped little tent... so I'm unlikely to find a quilt that represents my tent either! The quilting on these is absolutely amazing!

  6. So much wonderful texture in these minis. I have always loved paisley, so your interpretation of the design in dense quilting is really intriguing to me.

  7. The quilting on these minis is gorgeous! I really love what you have done with Night Camping.

  8. I really enjoyed looking these over, Renee - Love your paisley quilting work!