Saturday, November 28, 2015

QuiltCon Triangle Challenge

So, it's that time of year again where I work furiously on a challenge quilt to enter into QuiltCon.  This year the EZ Quilting challenge was to use a 2.25" triangle ruler--the quilt needed to have at least one triangle in it.  I made 9 of these spinning-gradient triangles and then had to decide on layout:
Triangle challenge quilt: layout ideas

I did play with the first layout quite a bit, but finally deferred the decision to my kids.  They both chose the center layout (my daughter liked that it looked like the number 3, because she's 3).  Then I had to figure out piecing:

Triangle challenge quilt: the ribbon and garland are size/shape guides.

Triangle challenge quilt: Piecing it was like putting together a puzzle in the right order.

Triangle challenge quilt: Piecing it in the right order meant no Y-seams!

Triangle challenge quilt: All the weird angles left me with a lot of odd shaped scraps.

Triangle challenge quilt: Nearly all pieced.

Triangle challenge quilt: The quality of the photos gets worse as the sun went down.  Sorry.

Triangle challenge quilt: Two more seams!

Triangle challenge quilt: One more seam!

Triangle challenge quilt: Morning light, hallelujah!  Finished piecing and trimming the quilt top.  Also worth noting is that I used Kona Black from two different dye lots and the difference is kind of glaring.  I am still kicking myself for not using all the same dye lot!  

I spent a lot of time thinking about quilting.  I first tried stitching in the ditch of the center triangle block.  It was so frustrating I decided to do something else with the other triangle blocks.  But I did create several "ghost" triangle blocks:

Triangle challenge quilt: Quilting ghost triangles.

Then I added some swirls to the triangle blocks, and after a lot of deliberation and discussion with my friend Sara, I decided to quilt the entire background with this orange peel/dogwood pattern on a triangle grid (more commonly known as the Flower of Life pattern):

Triangle challenge quilt: Quilting the background.

Triangle challenge quilt: Finished quilting!

Today I was able to finish and wash the quilt, and will be back soon with the finished photos!

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  1. Michael says, "Cool! I like the Flower of Life quilting pattern." Honestly, now that it is all quilted up, I bet the dye lot differences are not going to be nearly as noticeable. I'm so excited you got this done with enough time to spare to try to finish another quilt! And wow, what loose rules for the challenge - only 1 triangle required?!?! I'm glad it's not about the journey... speaking of which, I can't wait to hear what you decided on for a name!

  2. You go, Renee! I love seeing each step - thanks for documenting it along the way. I think the quilting is PERFECT and dense was the right way to go!

  3. Neat! I love the orange peel pattern and yours is so perfect! I only tried it on squares but it looks great on negative space.

  4. Genius how the quilting and pink solve the dye lot discrepency. It's amazing how the quilt comes to life with all the curves. The triangles seem to shimmer now!

  5. Wow! Love seeing all the process, the triangles are just amazing and you solved the quilting masterfully! Best of lucks at quiltcon!

  6. You have totally nailed the challenge – not just one triangle but nine! And then all the ghost triangles and triangular flowers of life ...
    I think Miss 3 was right about the layout. That was my favourite too.

  7. You are amazing! This challenge quilt is a winner in my book!

  8. Wow! This is amazing and I think the quilting is great. I really like the pink orange peel and ghost triangles.

  9. Renee, this is awesome!! Those triangles are SO cool and your color choices are spot.on! And the quilting! It is spectacular (as usual ;) ). I agree with Carla, you nailed this one! Congrats on a great finish and good luck with Quiltcon!

  10. Wow! This is beautiful and inspiring. I can't wait to see the finish pictures.

  11. Stunning and so clever. The piecing alone would have defeated me! Love seeing all the in-process steps.

  12. Fab! I really love those triangle blocks and i really admire your skill in piecing such an irregular shape. The quilting looms food, i like the choice of the coloured thread

  13. I love your daughter's reason for choosing that layout! It's always funny to get a glimpse into how kids think! The quilting looks great...the ghost triangles add a lot of interest to the negative space and that pink thread looks amazing :)

  14. This is spectacular - what a great idea. And the layout is fabulous. Very cool.

  15. Love this! Very creative with the triangles!

  16. What a fun walk through your process! Love the placement of the triangles.