Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Counterbalance (Quiltcon EZ challenge quilt).

EDIT: changed the name of this quilt from "You Know It When You See It" to "Counterbalance"

Counterbalance: 37" x 52"

You can read about the making of this quilt in my previous post.

Counterbalance: back

I made this specifically to enter it to QuiltCon West and will have to wait a few weeks to hear back on whether or not it go in.  I don't know how many triangle challenge quilts were submitted, but the overall number was about 1800 (about 500 more than last year), so I'm not going to hold my breath.

Counterbalance: quilting detail.  Each triangle is quilted differently.

I am considering entering it in another quilt show later in the year, plus the NM state fair.  And in the end I'm going to use it as a lap quilt and it will inevitably be covered in white dog hair (while making it I was like why did I pick black?  For visual effect for showing is why, and later for dog hair viewing haha).

Counterbalance: quilting detail

I was hoping the quilting would help camouflage the fact that I used two different dye lots of Kona Black, but alas:

Counterbalance: ghost triangles and flower of life quilting.  Kona black dye lot differences.

I guess my opinion of this quilt is it should meet the requires of being considered "modern" but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have what it takes to be a winner. 

Counterbalance: triangle quilting detail.

 But I mean, Aurifil Magenta (#2535) on black?  How could I not love that! 

Counterbalance: flower of life quilting detail. 

The binding and center triangles are Kona Berry.  The greys used in the triangle block gradient are from my stash and include Kona Charcoal, Coal, Ash, and White, as well as several Free Spirit solids from the Denyse Schmidt collection.  I used Quilter's Dream green batting for the first time and overall liked the loft and working with it.

Counterbalance: back detail.

And lastly (but not least), I'd like to thank my design consultants for their advice and patience: Sara, Yvonne and Jess.  I really appreciate each of them for their honest opinions and constructive criticism.  Also for their help in naming this quilt, fingers crossed it can live up to it!


  1. My black lab's hair would be so perfect on that quilt! Exchange a white one from me??? :) Well done~hope you get in!

  2. I really like the magenta on black, and the matching binding. Good luck.

  3. I love Dream Green! I use it in 99% of my quilts. I inherited some kind of cotton blend with the long arm, and as soon as that gets used up (in another 2 years at this rate, humph), I plan to get a folded roll of Dream Orient as well. I think. Plenty of time to decide on that.

    I *love* the magenta quilting against the black. It is totally enough to get someone to walk over from across the room to get more of the details. I am still amazed at how many entries there were for this year. Also, the more I think about this, the more "You know it when you see it" might refer to the inevitable dog hair for you / cat hair for me... :)

  4. Oh man, Renee!! It is fabulous!! I agree with Yvonne, that magenta against the black is absolutely stunning! Your quilting design choices are spot on! I'm kind of surprised at the number of quilts submitted this year, holy wow! Doesn't matter though, this quilt is totally fabulous! I don't know how you could get more modern that this! Fingers crossed that you get a thumbs up and the quilt is accepted.

    Laughed out loud when I read about the white dog hair. . . we are constantly coated in it!! LOL

  5. May the odds be ever in your favor, and you get into the show. The Flower of Life quilting is pure awesomeness.

  6. I think it's gorgeous! Did you know that Kona makes two different kinds of black fabric? One is regular and the other is double dipped which might be why one Of your blacks is darker than the other. I'm pretty sure I'll see your quilt hanging atquil of your blacks is darker than the other. I'm pretty sure I'll see your quilt hanging at quiltcon in February!

  7. It's fantastic - love the tipsy triangles which must have been very tricky to piece together and the immaculate quilting.

  8. Renee, it's absolutely fantastic! I love it done in black and the quilting is superb! I have trouble seeing when I use black, now, so seldome do. Hope you are considering coming up with a pattern! Good luck!

  9. This is one of my favorite quilts of yours! The black dye almost looks intentional. As I've said in the past, your quilting on this is A+!

  10. It's gorgeous! I think my favourite part of the whole quilt is that magenta thread on the black. 1800 quilts entered is kind of amazing, isn't it? Here's hoping yours makes it :)

  11. Really, really lovely. Every detail makes me smile. Your quilting is great, and the triangles cascading and blending into the background are great!

  12. The colors, the shapes, the layout, the way you filled the spaces with the flower of Life and echoed the triangles in your quilting... You are just going to knock their socks of Renee! Of course that is going to get in and will have a long and successful quilt show life before it retires to showing off dog fur, LOL.

  13. About 1800 quilts are entered! Yikes! Yes, definitely modern.
    The dog fur comments make me laugh. I struggle to find a comfy spot to sit because of our dog and cat hogging the best places on the couch and armchair.

  14. It is absolutely beautiful! I love what you chose to bind it in. If it were my choice, I'd be sure to include it.

  15. Really gorgeous! I'm in love with the magenta stitching against the black fabric. I have loved seeing this quilt develop on Instagram, and I really hope it gets into QuiltCon so we can see it in person!

  16. Renee, I recently moved to the Albuquerque area and would love to chat with you about quilt shops in the area. I tried to email you but didn't work. Please email me if you would like to chat. You do beautiful work. I have been amazed. I quilt with my home machine but nothing like I have seen you produce. Great work!

  17. Beautiful design and the quilting compliments it really well. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  18. I love the orange peel type effect - so perfect and smooth and magenta is a gorgeous colour on black. Will have to remember that!

  19. Any plans to release a pattern for this?

    1. I hadn't thought of it! It was almost entirely improv-pieced, though there was a lot of careful planning and cutting for the triangles :-)