Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Quilting Commission

This is my first commission of the year!  Here is Jennifer's 103" x 78" quilt top:

Quilt top ready to be basted.

This is also the first time I've had a reason to use the curtain rod hanging above my design wall, quite pleased with it for hanging large quilts while I brainstorm.

Pin basted and ready to start quilting!

Here it is after 6.5 hours of quilting (stitched in the ditch around all the diamonds, some straight lines in the center star and a bunch of FMQ):

I'm quilting it with matching Aurifil threads, so it is hard to photograph!  

Here's a peek at the back, you can see the quilting and texture a little better:

Quilt back detail.

Okay, now back to quilting!


  1. That will be one stunning quilt. Love your FMQ.

  2. Great progress so far! The rod looks perfect for hanging large quilts.

  3. Do you pin baste on the floor? Just curious. I always love looking at your progress shots!

  4. Wow! It's amazing how much difference the quilting makes.

  5. so so so so pretty! I'm loving this! You are a quilting goddess!

  6. What beautiful quilting! But ouch...makes my back and knees hurt thinking about basting that large a quilt. I'm impressed!

  7. Renee, it is fabulous!! Besides the quilting - holy crap girl, those points!!! I bow to the queen of points ;)

    Do you ever spray baste? And if not, why? Inquiring quilty minds would love to know :)

  8. looking good! I mean = fabulous job! :)