Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quilted Hippocamp mini quilt

Quilted hippocamp, measures 9" x 14" (ish).

Last week I made a quilted Phoenix mini quilt for a friend and it was so fun doing research, practicing drawing, quilting and gifting I immediately knew I'd be making a whole series of mythological creatures.  During the making of the phoenix my friend Sara @bluequailstudio asked to swap for it, but since it was already destined for someone else I offered to make her a creature of her choosing (she said "surprise me!" which I think I did successfully ;-).

I wanted to make a mermaid, but knew I'd want to keep it.  Then I came across hippocamps, and they're such strange, lesser known beasts from Greek mythology I just had to do it--she'd never suspect! I spent a lot of time drawing them, horse-creatures are tricky!  Here are my sketches:

Hippocamp sketches: bottom right is the first one, with the second and third just above it.

I easily spent twice as much (if not 3-4 times as much) time working out how to draw the hippocamp vs the phoenix!  It is much more detailed, and horse faces and legs are so awkward compared to wings (totally making a pegasus at some point though).

Final hippo camp drawing, and traced version on fabric (backed with freezer paper) using a water soluble fine tipped marker.

I really wanted to make this beast with a variegated purple-blue-teal thread, but alas Aurifil does not make such a color!  I emailed them my request though and they said it would be considered with their color card additions next year (woo!).  Until then I decided to use a base of Medium Lavender (#2540):

Quilted hippocamp: first round using Aurifil medium Lavender. 

And then several layers of Marrakesh (#3817) to add more colors and make the lines more bold so the hippocamp would pop against the background:

Quilted hippocamp: head quilting detail using Aurifil Marrakesh.

The echo quilting is Aurifil Turquoise Foam (#4654).

Quilted hippocamp: tail quilting detail.

 I used one layer of Quilter's Dream wool and one layer of cotton select for stability and texture.  The binding is Tula Pink pixel-dot, isn't it perfect?!

Quilted hippocampus

My husband said this was his new favorite quilt of mine, which is high praise!  But I know it's in a good, loving home now!  Plus Sara is a local friend, so I can visit it from time to time!

See the rest of my (still growing) quilted mythological creature series here!


  1. Aww, anytime hubby says that, it makes it a little extra special. :) Your thread colors mesh so beautifully. I'm not a big fan of variegated thread, but I always LOVE what you do with it!

  2. You do this on your long arm machine or regular machine? You are really quite the artist~love it!

  3. The Tula pixel dot is so perfect for the binding! I love the color depth that you got by starting with a purple base and then over quilting with the Marrekesh, it turned out beautifully. And it was really obvious Sarah is thrilled with it. :) <3

  4. I am constantly amazing by your amazing quilting! Gorgeous!

  5. You surprise me every time! When I grow up...I want to be like you! Your work is amazing and the attention to detail is unbeatable!

  6. You did a great job of choosing how to draw this. I really like the rainbow colouring, too.

  7. This is amazing!!!! Wonderful job. <3

  8. Adding the darker colors made a big difference. Another great mythological quilt!

  9. The ultimate seahorse!
    Good to hear that Aurifil are open to colour suggestions. I like the sound of your variegated thread idea.

  10. I wonder what's next :) You are so good at this!

  11. W.O.W. this is magnificent!!! Such talent!