Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quilted Sphinx mini quilt

Quilted Sphinx, measures about 14"x11"

This is the third in my Quilted Mythological Creature Series, and was made specifically for Laura@LittleandLots for a private swap.  I asked her if she had a favorite mythological creature and she said the anything half-human.  I'd been planning a Sphinx for a while, so it was the one I picked!  But it turned out to be really challenging to draw, and after more than a week of trying I gave up and just traced the head and body outline from a photo I found online:

Sphinx drawing: body and head traced from a photo, wings and eye drawn freehand. 

Even though I drew my own wings on it, I used the original photo's wings as a gauge for size.  But they were so awkwardly small for such a large beast I drew a larger version:

Large wings for Laura's Sphinx!

Then I traced the Sphinx and her big wings onto some fabric (I back the fabric with freezer paper for stability while tracing):

Traced Sphinx on fabric using a fine tip water erasable marker.

I used two layer of batting, wool on top of cotton, for stability and texture:

Two layers of batting!  So puffy!

Here is the progression of quilting:

Quilted Sphinx: Body outline.

Quilted Sphinx: wing outline.

Quilted Sphinx: dense echo quilting.

After quilting the echo lines I went in and added several more layers of thread to the wings (6 layers) and body (4 layers).  I used Aurifil Toast (6010) and Chocolate (2360) for the body, Marrakesh (3817) for the wings and Light Beige (2310) for the echo quilting.  

Once I was done with the quilting, it was time for a bath (and then blocked overnight):

Quilted Sphinx: soaking out the marks!

It is backed some Cotton Couture grey fabric and bound with some fun shot-cotton stripes I knew Laura would appreciate:

Quilted Sphinx: quilt back.

This quilt was a really fun challange, I am so glad Laura loves it!

Quilted Sphinx: Head and wing detail

Quilted Sphinx: wing detail.


  1. I think it is amazing how well you can duplicate your lines; it looks really stunning. And I'm glad Laura loves it, too. It sounds like these are awesome swap items. <3

  2. I love looking at the details in your quilting. The wings look especially awesome with variegated thread!

  3. You must have incredible control or have a rapport with your sewing machine that I haven't achieved yet. Your sphinx is stunning! Can't wait to see which mythical beast you tackle next! Any thoughts on Cerebus?

  4. Jaw dropping! I wanted to say stunning but it's been used many times already! I greatly admire your talent and skill and I'm looking forward to your next creature!

  5. Love your work and choice of threads. Such great control. What size did this finish?

  6. You are so talented! The variegated thread is the perfect touch of color and I love how you were able to add so many layers of thread without it looking like, well, so many layers of thread! :) The binding fabric is fabulous!

  7. Your thread layers are so meticulous! I'm happy when I can get my lines to look half that neat when I'm tracing over lines I've already stitched :) The sphinx is gorgeous (especially with the bigger wings) and I love the eye!

  8. Love the colour thread in the wings and how your did the eyes - looks brilliant on the dark grey backing - really gives a feel for all the quilting and shows off the puffiness!

  9. Wow this turned out amazing! I really admire your free motion skills. The color thread really does make a big impact.