Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 Mid-Year Review

2016 Mid Year Review

It's time for an update on my 2016 Quilty Resolutions!

  1. "Do not give from the depths of your own well; give only from its overflow."  
  • I think I've been doing better at this this year.
2.  NO new swaps.  
  • I am not good at this.  But this year I am being VERY selective in which swaps and groups I participate with and making sure the other people are full of integrity.  I think I've only swapped 4 mini quilts and given away one.

All the quilts from my Mythological Creature Series (so far)--all made for swaps or gift.

3. Get a Longarm machine!  
  • Honestly not sure about this one anymore...although I'm likely to change my mind while quilting my next large quilt, haha.  The idea was certainly on hold during my 2 month sewing slump.  I will say that doing at a business is no longer a goal, if I get a long arm it will be for me to use as I see fit for my hobby.  Business may still come later, I do want to keep that option open for the future.
4. No challenge quilts unless the challenge fulfills a quilt idea I already have and want to explore.
  • So far so good!  I have yet to find any challenges worth entering.
5. Submit quilts to at least 3 shows other than the State Fair (ie QuiltCon, MQX, APS, HMQS, etc).
  • So far this year I've had quilts shown at MQX New England and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, have had two quilts juried into an AQS show (Grand Rapids and Chattanooga!), and entered another quilt to MQX Midwest.  
6. Donate another quilt!  I love that this has been a tradition for me since 2012.
  • No update on this, yet.
7. Make the grey and teal bed quilt!  
  • Finally started on this!!  
Grey and Teal New York Beauty medallion center

8. Continue to cultivate genuine friendships with people within the quilty community, both in person (I'll be at QuiltCon West!) and online.
  • Feeling pretty good about this so far!
9. Write and release the paper piecing pattern for the Pythagorean Spiral quilt:
  • Ummm no update on this :-/  Totally intimidated with it.

Pythagorean Spiral Quilt

10.  Listen to and follow my inner Quilty Spirit more and stay away from the trends and hype that are not in line with my interests.
  • My Quilty Spirit and I have much better communication and understanding this year.  I mean, apparently it went on vacation without me, but other than that we're good.
So I'm doing pretty good on my list so far!  Did you have a quilty resolution for this year?  How is it going so far?


  1. I think you are doing great on your list so far! I am bummed your Quilty Spirit headed out on vacation without you, and hopefully she still wants to come along in August. :) I can definitely understand being intimidated by writing a pattern for the Pythagorean Spiral quilt; but I'd be more than happy to do what I can to help edit and encourage you along.

  2. At least four of these are telling you not to over commit or take on projects that do not make you happy. Maybe your Quilty Spirit (in spite of the unscheduled holiday) is a better guide than you thought.
    I really love how your teal and grey quilt is coming along.

  3. You are doing a great job, Renee. You seem to be in control of your Quilty Spirit. That's the dream! Also, my advice on the pattern is don't pressure yourself to do it unless it's truly important to you. Otherwise, just let it go. At least you got an AMAZING quilt out of the design already!

  4. I am stilled awed by you tiny piecing and my that Mythological Creature Series is stunning! No other word would do them justice =)

  5. That gray and teal quilt...totally yum. There is something about a NY Beauty medallion that is magical! Good luck on the second half of your year!

  6. I sure hope you overcome your fears on the Pythagorean quilt pattern. I would love to make it!! I would be happy to help with pattern testing too. You have some great goals and I enjoy your blog!!

  7. Hehehe... Thank you for the update! I need to check in with my inner spirit too to make sure he/she isn't planning a holiday without me! ;-)

  8. Looks like you're doing well with your goals for the year, Renee! Still lots of time for those that you haven't made much progress on and there's always the option of abandoning something if it doesn't fit anymore. I was interested in how your thoughts on the longarm have changed...I can definitely see how having your quilty spirit go on vacation unexpectedly would make you rethink starting a quilting business!