Saturday, July 23, 2016


The first thing I wanted to make when my sewjo returned were some pillows.  Mostly I just needed to use up some scraps and long orphaned blocks to help clear out my mental space!  I used scraps from the Beacon Quilt I made earlier this year to make these 18" pillow shams:

18" pillow covers, with in-seam zippers. 

I really wanted to play with the quilting on these since they're so small (compared to the queen sized quilt!).  It was a good way to warm up my mental muscles for quilting too.  The fabrics are all Kona (pesto, silver and turquoise) and I used matching Aurifil threads (#2892, 4093, and 2600).  I love having so many colors of Aurifil I can match to my fabrics without worry!

Pillow quilting details.

Pillow center quilting detail--some point-to-point quilting.

I gifted the pillows to my sister and her husband as a housewarming gift, they moved yesterday!

Coordinating backing fabric from my stash!  Great way to use up a half yard, haha.

The other pillow I finally made was from this orphaned bear paw block from the Bear Claw quilt I made 5 years ago!

Bear claw quilt block (also quilted 5 years ago).

Had I bothered to look at the quilt photos before making the pillow I would have added a brown border so the bear claw points wouldn't get lost in the curve of the pillow.  Oh well!   It's just a little decorative pillow for my brother (the owner of the quilt too), cuz you know how much retired Marines love their decorative pillows.

Pillow back.


  1. The "cuz you know how much retired Marines love their decorative pillows" comment just pushed me over the edge. I'm guessing he'll love it because it's from you. ;) Also, you have perfectly coordinated backing fabrics for both pillows; nicely done!

  2. He he -- retired Marines and their decorative pillows! I recognized those colors in the first pillows. What a great gift. I'm glad your sew-jo is back too.

  3. Ha ha! I can imagine how much retired marines love cushions, especially coordinated cushions. I am sure he has some sore muscles than need propping up.
    I like the softened effect of the bear claw points in the cushion's curves. Maybe it is a friendly bear, like Yogi or Boo-boo, who would not have sharp claws.

  4. Those retired Marines! I'm glad you got your mojo going and as always, your quilting is gorgeous! Pillows are always a nice gift, a great way to use stray block and fabric scraps!

  5. Hehe. Your comment about retired Marines loving their accent pillows made me chuckle out loud. :D I'm sure he loves your work for him. (I wouldn't have thought about the claws curling around the curve, either.)