Friday, August 5, 2016

2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt: Fabric and Thread

Even before the official announcement for the 2017 QuiltCon charity quilt challenge, a small group of friends and I had been discussing participating as an Individual Members group.  We decided to name our group the Blue Moon Quilters, which consists of Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, Afton at Quilting Mod, Sara at Blue Quail Studios and me!  Once the challenge came out we immediately started discussing which of the colors we wanted to use:

Quiltcon Charity Quilt Palette 2017
2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt color palette 

Then we started talking about designs.  Yvonne was amazing with being able to take some discussion points and turning them into designs (and tons of edits!) in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  Definitely go check out her blog post about the charity quilt to see more about the design process!  Here is the final design we all agreed on, based off of the Storm at Sea block:

Double Rainbow Society Final Colored Design
Blue Moon Quilters QuiltCon charity quilt design: titled Four Greater Than One

Once we had a finalized design Yvonne figured out fabric requirements and I contacted Michael Miller Fabrics to inquire about them sponsoring the fabric for this quilt.  We reached out to Michael Miller because we all have used Cotton Couture some and love the colors and softness of the fabric.  They responded enthusiastically and sent the fabrics right away:

Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics in Royal, Gold, Fog and Lagoon.

Next I contacted Aurifil to ask them to sponsor the threads we would need to piece and quilt our charity quilt.  You all know how much my machine and I love Aurifil!  Thankfully they were happy to contribute thread for our charity quilt and sent us these lovely colors:

Aurifil threads for the Blue Moon Quilters charity quilt, left to right: Dark Delft Blue (#2780), Medium Blue (#2735), Dark Turquoise (#4182), Aluminum (#2615), and Mustard (#5022). 

I specifically asked for slightly darker blue thread for the quilting, but matching blue threads for the piecing.  Also I wanted to branch out from using Aurifil's Dove (#2600), so I asked for Aluminum (though Dove would be a nice match to Cotton Couture's Fog too).

Aurifil threads with the coordinating Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics.

Next week we have a meetup planned to start cutting fabrics!  We've broken the quilt into 4 sections and will distribute the fabric and blue threads to everyone (the other thread colors will stay with me until it is time to quilt!). I am so excited to get started on the piecing and getting to work with the other ladies!


  1. Oh wow!!! This quilt is going to look amazing, you clever ladies!!! I've never seen the Storm at Sea block with so much movement. Can't wait to see this progress :)

  2. This is going to be such an amazing quilt! I can't wait to see it all come together.

  3. It's so exciting for me to see how closely the fabric colors match up with the design coloration; this is going to be such an awesome collaboration!

  4. Aluminum will be beautiful (as you know, I'm also quite partial to Dove, lol). I love the modern look of this design and I can't WAIT to see how you quilt it!

  5. Love your design and teamwork! After participating in a group quilt like this with piecing of an intricate block, I have one suggestion. Having one person do all the cutting will help with precision piecing. If you proceed with more than one cutter, make sure you use the same rulers. We had 4 friends cutting Lemoyne Stars using their own favorite ruler, and the piecing afterwards was a big problem, even with accurate 1/4 inch seams. We ended up cutting having to cut many more stars to ensure that the blocks went together smoothly. Blessings on this special project! Can't wait to see what your fabulous team creates.

  6. What a great idea. The design is amazing. Good luck.

  7. I love the pattern! And the fabric! You all rock! Can't wait to watch this quilt come together!!!

  8. It will be so fun to see all the MQG challenge quilts. You guys have a great team and a beautiful design, I can't wait to see it. Our group found the colors a bit challenging to work with, but it is causing us to get creative for sure!