Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Centaur/Sagittarius mini quilt

Quilted Centaur: 12" x 9.5"

The next installment to my Quilted Mythological Creature Series is this Centaur/Sagittarius, made for Jess from Quilty Habit.  I knew I wanted to create a strong, intelligent female creature for her and finally settled on a centaur, and since Jess was born under the Sagittarius astrology sign I figured it'd be fitting to give the centaur a bow and arrow.  Plus good bow hunters are strong and skilled.

Quilted Centaur: quilting detail, check out those tiny fingers!

This is one of the more detailed in this series since she has a tool and 9 fingers (her second thumb is behind her palm).  There were a lot of extra start and stops for the bow and and fingers!  I created the image from various centaur line drawings I found online and added details to keep the horse themes I used in the Hippocamp and Campohhip quilts.  Then traced the image onto some Kona Silver:

Quilted Centaur: drawing on fabric.

I start with a basic outline, then add a few details (like the hair) before doing all the background fill quilting:

Quilted Centaur: Basic outline done.

I used Aurifil 50wt in Chocolate (2360) for the horse body, Medium Lavender (2540) for the human part, Marrakesh (3817) for the hair, Dark Violet (2582) for the bow and arrow, and Silver Moon (4060, variegated) for the background echos.  

Quilted Centaur: Hair detail quilting.

There are two layer of batting (one cotton, one wool) for texture and stability.  The binding is Tula Pink Mosaic in Glacier. 

Quilted Centaur: horse tail detail (sorry for the weird colors, the sun was setting fast during my photoshoot!)

I was so excited to give this to Jess in person while we were both at QuiltCon last week!  Such a joy to see her expression and give her a hug with this quilt :-)

Quilted Centaur: back


  1. The dense rainbow curls are my favorite part(s)! You knocked it out the park! I'm still deciding where to hang it up. :) Thank you so much!!

  2. The detail in the hair is probably my favorite part of this quilt, but the touches of purple for Jess and the binding all work perfectly together. Amazing!

  3. Wow!!! Renee, this is really, REALLY neat!

  4. So very cool! Glad to see you post...I miss your amazing designs and artistry! Your group charity quilt rocks too :)

  5. Love your Work! What sewing machine do you use for your quilting? And also the thread seems thicker than normal, or is it the stitch you

  6. I just absolutely love this. Wonderful job. I love doing hand sewing.

  7. I love the hair detail and those fingers look perfect! The whole thing is gorgeous :)