Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fairy Mini Quilt

Quilted Fairy, measures 13.5" x 9"

Another Quilted Mythological Creature Series mini quilt!  A couple of weeks ago when I made the quilted Centaur mini, I also made this quilted fairy--partly to keep the recipients guessing on what I was making for them.  This one was a birthday present for Afton at Quilting Mod.  I left the design of the fairy to the last minute, and decided in a migraine-induced state to just find a cool fairy online.  I settled on this artwork by Jesse Lindsay:

Picture/artwork credit to Jesse Lindsay

I traced the basic outline, removed her skirt, and added arms, hands, legs, antenna, eyes and extra swirls in the wings.  Geez hands and feet are hard.  And those tiny eyes!  

Quilted Fairy: final drawing on fabric.

Again I used Kona Silver and two layers of batting (Quilter's Dream wool on the top of a cotton batting).

Quilted Fairy: basic outline quilted.

I chose Aurifil variegated Creme de Menthe (4662) for the wings--I love how the different shades of teal can be interpreted as the wings being translucent, or catching the light.  The inner details are 1-2 layers of quilting, but the outer edge of the wings is 4-5 layers to define them from the background.

Quilted Fairy: hand for scale.  She's little, and her face is the size of my finger nail.

The fairy's body is Aurifil Wisteria (2566), and the antenna are quilted using a double strand of Wisteria and Medium Lavender (2540) so they are a little darker.

Quilted Fairy: body detail.

The background echo quilting is Aurifil Mint Ice (2800).  I love how these cotton threads have a nature shine! 

Quilted Fairy: echo quilting detail--I love those accidental diamonds!

Quilted Fairy: quilting details.

The back is some blue solid scrap I had, the binding is Tula Pink Mosaic in Glacier. 

Quilted Fairy: back.

I took this quilt with me all the way to Savannah for QuiltCon so I could give it to Afton at the same time I gave Jess the Centaur mini quilt.  Luckily we ended up having dinner as a group on the first night so I didn't have to wait long, and she loves this fairy quilt!

Quilted Fairy: neat.


  1. It is just delightful! I am amazed at your talent!!!

  2. The close ups really show off the gogous details. I love how the wings kind of look like spindles. You are totally rocking this series!

  3. Beautiful!! Those wings are gorgeous.

  4. For some reason I thought these were bigger...having your hand there for scale makes that tiny little fairy even more amazing!

  5. I love how delicate and intricate her wings are. They definitely have an ethereal feel to them and the variegated thread just adds to them!