Monday, June 19, 2017

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt) progress

Last year I took Lizzy House's Meadow Quilt class, but had so many issues with the templates she gave out in the class and her instructions that I deconstructed the template and made a bunch of changes so the block would sew together smoother and lay flat (click here to see the tutorial I wrote up).

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt): block corners all cut out.

It was really frustrating, so I only worked on the quilt in small bursts.  This week I felt like doing some piecing (especially after that big whole cloth I just finished!) and got out this quilt again since it was already cut and ready.  I was mostly please with how the blocks sewed up, but there were quite a few (out of 20) that still came out wonky and a little wavy (though significantly less so than with the original template Lizzy gave out!).  This one wasn't 12.5" square, and had a few small waves:

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt): problem block.

I took it back to my ironing board, re-sprayed it with starch and pressed it while gently pulling it slightly into the right shape.  Not an ideal solution, but it worked well enough that I could trim it to 12.5" square:

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt): re-pressed and trimmed block

Piecing all 20 blocks took only one day of work!  Today I worked on making border blocks, and now I'm ready to sew it all together:

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt): quilt block layout. Should finish at 72x84".

This quilt is being worked on by shear stubbornness and determination to actually finish it.  The colors, mixed low volume and quilt pattern aren't at all my style.  I'm trying embrace it and enjoy the process though.  Plus I'm using up a decent amount of my stash fabrics!


  1. Great job hanging in there. It's easier to quit, but you will love this once it's done. I think it looks nice and just so you know, I have heard lots of others had issues with this quilt as well.

  2. It's actually quite pretty! Good job sticking to it!

  3. That is so frustrating that the pattern was so poorly written/constructed that you had to remake it! It's turning out lovely and hopefully it'll be worth it in the end!

  4. I could use some of that stubbornness!!! I still haven't made even an additional block for mine, and I took the class in 2015... You'll make the quilt a bit more you with the quilting, I'm sure. :D

  5. It's looking great, Renee! What do you plan to do with it since it's not really your style?

  6. Shear stubbornness and determination can take you a long way. I like the way it is coming together for you and I'm super curious if you will move straight on to quilting / finishing and how you will quilt it!

  7. It's quite pretty. That was some pretty substantial shrinkage!