Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wings Alight Finished Quilt!

Wings Alight Quilt: Finally finished!  70 hours of work spent on this quilt.

You can see my previous blog post about this quilt HERE, it summarizes the process in making it!  Today's blog post is mostly photos of the finished quilt, but you can see all blog posts related to this quilt by clicking: Wings Alight Wholecloth.  

Since I love before and after photo, here is the Michael Miller Luxe in Charcoal quilt top:

Wings Alight Quilt: posing with my quilted wings!

Aurifil Threads generously sponsored the threads for this quilt, and boy did I go to town with them!  I used 32 very full bobbins!  I used all 50wt in the bobbin and background, but the wings are outlined in a 28wt and filled with 40wt.

Wings Alight Quilt: the quilting alone took 56 hours on my domestic machine!

The idea for this quilt was originally inspired by this interview with street artist/muralist Kelsey Montague (IG: kelseymontagueart).  I contacted her for permission to use her artwork as inspiration for this quilt since I intend to show it, however the wing outline and filler patterns are my own (or inspired by FMQ designs I've seen around the internet or suggested by friends!).

Wings Alight Quilt: center mandala, a suggestion by my friend Sara!  Can't imagine the quilt without it now.

Since my last blog post I was able to block and trim the quilt.  It now measures 93"wide x 88" tall.  Here it is laid out on my queen bed:

Wings Alight Quilt: resting on a queen sized bed!

I love how the wings wrap over the edge the bed!

Wings Alight Quilt on my bed.

This quilt should be should cozy to sleep under once it's done with being shown, I used Quilter's Dream Orient batting!

Wings Alight Quilt: quilting detail.

The back of the quilt didn't end up being as interesting as I'd hoped, but overall I'm pleased with it!

Wings Alight Quilt: the back!

If you want to see move of this quilt, you can see my previous blog posts here and my Instagram posts about it here.

Wings Alight Quilt: back detail.

If you get a chance to pose with this quilt while it's at a show, I'd love to see the photo!  On Instagram tag it with #WingsAlight or #WingsAlightQuilt and me @quiltsNfeathers!

Wings Alight Quilt: my 5 year old insisted on posing with the quilt again (she posed in front of it at the bottom of this post too).


  1. The quilt looks beautiful on a bed and the wings draping over the edge are amazing. I can't imagine the quilt without the mandala now, either. I think the back is beautiful and subtle - both sides are so inviting for detailed inspection. And I love the serious face being made in that last photo. :) I hope I get a chance to pose with it one day.

  2. I hope to see it in person what day! You are an amazing example of what can be accomplished on a domestic machine. It's amazing to see the finished photos (and I also love the wings wrapping around the bed)!! Surely this is a quilt that you'll never say goodbye to. :)

  3. Wow, Renee, this quilt is magnificent! I am going to watch for it at a show near me. You are definitely a DSM rock star! And thanks for the Kelly Montague cite. I just scoped her out, and her giraffe is 2 miles from me. Field trip tomorrow!

  4. Your 5 year old is a cutie. Your quilt is magnificent!

  5. Absolutely amazing! The wings enfolding your bed--beautiful.

  6. You are an awesome quilter, Renee! I've enjoyed watching the process. The photo of your 5 year old on the plastic storage container is wonderful!

  7. Oh, wow - what a cool quilt and photo op!

  8. I think it is a wonderful piece. I just love with when I see an artist have an idea and then just jump on it without knowing if it will work and if the final piece will represent what they have in mind. I find the whole process so wonderful, full of discovery and problems to solve :) I try to do that from time to time....sometime it end up with a mess I will never show and a few chosen french words but often it give me happy accidents and discoveries

  9. Hi Renee,
    All I can say is WOWEE. What a beautiful quilt, and you standing in front of the wings really puts it in perspective. You did a fabulous job. ~smile~

  10. Awesome. I love everything about this quilt - the symmetry, colours, fmq fillers, excellent radiant background quilting...I hope to visit it at a show!

  11. I love the pictures of you and Aurelia standing in front of it! It really helps with perspective to see just how big it is (I'm horrible at imagining what X" actually looks like). I see this one winning awards, for sure!