Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt) Finish!

Out of the Woods (Meadow quilt), measures 70 x 66.5" (after first wash).

Hurray I finally finished my meadow quilt!!  You can read more about my tips on fixing the template to get flatter, better blocks here.

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): flower and medallion detail.

This quilt used fabrics entirely out of my stash--with a focus on low volume fabrics that I'd had for a long time.  It was kind of fun re-visiting fabrics from previous quilts and projects, and super nice to clear out low volume fabrics I wasn't sure how to use up (but worked great for a pieced back!): 

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): pieced back!

My favorite part of this quilt is the quilting.  I wanted to keep the quilting fairly large-scale so it would be an extra cuddly lap quilt.  

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): flower quilting detail.
Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): medallion quilting detail.

I used all Aurifil threads on this quilt--including the cone of Stone (#2324) I received as part of the Aurifil Artisan welcome package.  I used it for all of the low volume quilting and in the bobbin, but chose near-matching threads for each of the flowers:

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): Aurifil colors used!

I'm a firm believer in quilting the life into a quilt, and although I didn't quilt this as densely or detailed as others, the results are still gratifying:

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): Before quilting
Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): After quilting and first wash.

While piecing this quilt I pondered what to do with it, and finally settled on gifting it to my aunt.  She's the last (but not least!) to receive a quilt from me on my side of the family.  The benefit of this is my attention to detail and skill level are much better than 5-7 years ago (I've been quilting for almost 8 years now!).  Fittingly there are some low volume fabrics in this quilt that I acquired 5-7 years ago (and one I got only a week before I did the piecing, so).

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): quilting texture, and flat as a pancake. <3

Interesting (?) shrinkage stats
Quilt top:            72.5 x 84.5"
After quilting:      70.5 x 82"
After first wash:  66.5 x 70"
Cotton batting--I think Quilter's Dream, but maybe it was Warm and Natural?