Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Out of the Woods (Meadow Quilt) Finish!

Out of the Woods (Meadow quilt), measures 70 x 66.5" (after first wash).

Hurray I finally finished my meadow quilt!!  You can read more about my tips on fixing the template to get flatter, better blocks here.

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): flower and medallion detail.

This quilt used fabrics entirely out of my stash--with a focus on low volume fabrics that I'd had for a long time.  It was kind of fun re-visiting fabrics from previous quilts and projects, and super nice to clear out low volume fabrics I wasn't sure how to use up (but worked great for a pieced back!): 

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): pieced back!

My favorite part of this quilt is the quilting.  I wanted to keep the quilting fairly large-scale so it would be an extra cuddly lap quilt.  

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): flower quilting detail.
Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): medallion quilting detail.

I used all Aurifil threads on this quilt--including the cone of Stone (#2324) I received as part of the Aurifil Artisan welcome package.  I used it for all of the low volume quilting and in the bobbin, but chose near-matching threads for each of the flowers:

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): Aurifil colors used!

I'm a firm believer in quilting the life into a quilt, and although I didn't quilt this as densely or detailed as others, the results are still gratifying:

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): Before quilting
Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): After quilting and first wash.

While piecing this quilt I pondered what to do with it, and finally settled on gifting it to my aunt.  She's the last (but not least!) to receive a quilt from me on my side of the family.  The benefit of this is my attention to detail and skill level are much better than 5-7 years ago (I've been quilting for almost 8 years now!).  Fittingly there are some low volume fabrics in this quilt that I acquired 5-7 years ago (and one I got only a week before I did the piecing, so).

Out of the Woods (meadow quilt): quilting texture, and flat as a pancake. <3

Interesting (?) shrinkage stats
Quilt top:            72.5 x 84.5"
After quilting:      70.5 x 82"
After first wash:  66.5 x 70"
Cotton batting--I think Quilter's Dream, but maybe it was Warm and Natural?  


  1. This turned out so lovely! The quilting you did is the perfect accent to these blocks! :)

  2. Flat as a pancake - beautiful! I love the texture your quilting added and how the Stone blended in so well across all the LV fabrics. How neat that the fabrics in the top span so long; lots of cool memories in the quilt that will hopefully be used, loved, and appreciated by your aunt. I love how each step of the quilting process seems magical - from fabric to blocks, blocks to top, top to quilt. The transformation is so cool to be able to see side by side.

  3. I always love seeing your before quilting and after quilting pictures :) This turned out beautifully and I'm willing to bet your aunt will enjoy cuddling up in it. Having the fabrics span your years of sewing is fun, too.

  4. This is such an attractive quilt. It's enormous fun to get such success from stash! I need to start recording the measurement stats for my quilts like that.

  5. With the scrappy low-volume background, this is one of my favourite versions of this pattern. Lovely, Renee.

  6. This is gorgeous. What a sweet gift.