Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Paisley Moon mini quilt

Paisley Moon mini quilt: measures about 16.5" x 16".

Earlier this year the Blue Moon Quilters (a small group of friends that sometimes get together) decided to do another mini quilt swap.  The theme this year was to make a moon mini quilt.  I spent a LOT of time thinking about what to make for Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl (my random draw this time).  Finally I decided on a large crescent moon with detailed paisley free motion quilting!

Paisley Moon mini quilt: crescent quilting detail--I used Aurifil Silver Moon #4060 variegated thread so there would be a slightly darker areas to suggest the darker marias on the moon.  It's subtle, but they aren't as noticeable during crescent moons anyway.

Both sides of the moon are appliqued on.  I made as accurate a moon template as possible (using an ellipse for the crescent inner curve) and used Kona Silver and Pepper (which is actually a very dark navy and not at all a grey or black).

Paisley Moon mini quilt: the dark side of the moon quilting detail.  I used 28wt Aurifil Dark Pewter #2630 which is the darkest grey I have that wouldn't completely disappear on the Kona Pepper.

I used two layers of Quilter's Dream Orient because I had large enough scraps and hate messing around with my wool (I have a mild wool allergy, plus its stinks like sheep, but I have like super human smelling sensitivity).

Paisley Moon mini quilt: the back!

The back is Kona Charcoal, and I used mostly matching Aurifil 50wt threads in the bobbin.  The organic straight line quilting is Aurifil Dark Navy #2784.  Going around some of the stars really helped break up the monotony of FMQ those lines, ha.

Paisley Moon mini quilt: back of the crescent moon quilting detail.  The bobbin thread is Aurifil Aluminum #2615.

Here's the quilt label I made in a hurry.  I literally thought "2007" before writing it and then my brain clicked and I was like UGH wrong decade.

Paisley Moon mini quilt: simple quilt label

One of our members, Sara @BlueQuailStudio moved to Michigan recently, so unfortunately wasn't able to make our swap meeting, but here are the other 3 quilts!  I was gifted the one on the right, made by Afton at Quilting Mod:

Blue Moon Quilters mini quilt swap!  Left quilt made by Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl.