Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Butterfly Maker's Tote

Maker's Tote: made for my aunty!

A few months ago (okay it was actually back in December) my aunt was visiting and we got to talking about what kind of bag she'd like.  I'd just made the Le Fluers Maker's Totes, which she liked a lot.  I let her go through my stash of fabrics and pick her favorites, and then we narrowed it down to the fabrics used for this bag.  

Maker's Tote: interior gusseted pockets.

She requested I make the bag 2" wider, so it's a little bigger than the small version of the Noodlehead Maker's Tote pattern.  So the interior slip pocket had enough space for an extra little divider for pens.

Maker's Tote: interior slip pockets!

I tried to use coordinating fabrics for the visible areas, but used the contrasting fabrics she picked for the pocket linings:

Maker's Tote: pocket linings!  I love fun little surprises.

The exterior is quilted (directly on the Soft and Stable) using a bunch of near-empty variegated Aurifil bobbins I had from my previous project.  The fabric is from Lizzy House's Natural History line.

Maker's Tote: quilted butterflies exterior.
I tried to include the Heather Ross Mendocino swimming sister fabric wherever I could:

Maker's Tote: gusset and zipper end tab

I was able to finish and mail it to her just in time for her birthday!  Hurray!


  1. It's lovely, Renee. Congratulations for getting it done in time to get to her by her birthday! I love having a slip spot for a pen / pencil. Nice extra detail to add.

  2. It's delightful! I'm sure she was very pleased.

  3. Those pocket linings are a wonderful little surprise and the quilting around the butterflies is perfect.